Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let's Celebrate Christmas

This month Noela and I have exchanged our final gifts in Karen Martin's Let's Celebrate Swap.  As Noela has her birthday on Christmas Day, I made myself doubly busy making her gifts.  As seems to be quite normal for me, I forgot to take photos of the gifts I sent to Noela, but I'm sure she will post photos of her gifts soon on her blog called Quilty Bits from the Blue Room.

However I have taken photos of the beautiful gifts Noela sent to me
 There are two beautiful bags..the larger one is perfect for me to use this year to take my stitching to my has a lovely friendship verse on it and lovely Anni Downs fabric.  The little bag (which did carry some lovely chocolates) is so sweet.  Again, I recognise Anni Downs here and this is a little bag I'd often thought of making but never quite got around to it.
Then there are two half metres of is linen (or linen look) and the other is a beautiful shade of red..a Lynette Anderson Christmas fabric.
There is also a Lynette Anderson stitchery pattern and the buttons to go with it.

So how spoilt am I!  All the gifts Noela has sent to me this year have been perfect and I have loved them all.  So thankyou Mrs Martin for running this swap...for me, it has been very rewarding and Noela and I are very happy to have had the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit.



  1. What wonderful gifts you have received,what a great swap Kali.x

  2. I'm so glad you like your gifts Kali. I know the green is a variation on our chosen colours but when I saw that Anni Downs fabric, just knew that I had to use it in your bag. It has been such a wonderful year of exchanges, I will miss making things for you next year. Hugs.

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