Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let's Celebrate My Birthday

Despite being rear-ended on my way home from Armidale, my birthday was a really lovely day.  Lots of chatty phone calls, some lovely gifts that I really wanted (okay so I didn't bother hinting, I just said what I wanted and saved everyone the trauma of what to buy) and a delicious lunch with daughter Andrea at Olinda which is one of my favourite destinations.

My Let's Celebrate swap partner Noela, just knows what will make me happy and sent me a few really lovely gifts including chocolate, french-themed notebook, fancy scissors, thread and a beautiful threadkeeper that I will use for taking my bits and bobs to sewing days....and a lovely little pack of Nancy Halvorsen 5" squares.  Thankyou again Noela, and thankyou Karen Martin for running this great swap.  Now I really have my thinking cap on for Noela's birthday later in the year.

Once my birthday is over I know it is only a very short time until Christmas, so now my thoughts are focussed on what I need to make in the way of gifts, what food will be needed to help celebrate the day etc. 

 This year truly has flown by, but so much has happened including the house renovations which have all turned out so well.  This house that I used to detest living in has become a comfortable home that really works as we had envisaged.