Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's Celebrate Spring

My swap partner for Let's Celebrate, Noela, sent me a lovely parcel of goodies for our Spring swap last week.  I particularly love the stitchery she made for me which I am going to use on a new bag I have decided to make to take to my stitching groups.  It is so sweet isn't it?

Noela also sent to me a little collection of threads including the lovely pink variegated one in the stitchery, fabric, some thread cards and ring for holding them, some very pretty lace and two cute little decorations.  I may just see if I can incorporate the lace and decorative bits into the same bag I'll be making.  Thankyou again Noela, as usual your gift is just perfect for me.

Our next gift to each other is to be a pieced block...I've seen some beauties just lately in my travels around the internet, but before that can happen there has to be a major reorganising around the house following the renovation.  I know I have a great deal of sewing stuff...somewhere.  

The need to have everything neat and orderly drives me to distraction at the moment, but I just tell myself that if I attack some of the mess every day, eventually everything will be unearthed again and everything will be in its place.

The builders have done a fabulous job of the renovations and they finally finished all the work inside last week and are just finishing of some details outside.  The painters won't have time to paint inside till next year (more upheaval) so everything won't be pretty until then.  But it is wonderful to have the house fully insulated, to have new wiring so our lights don't do strange things anymore (the electrician said we had some 'very creative' wiring in the ceiling...not to mention an area above the kitchen light which had actually been on fire at some stage..yikes).  We now have two brand new bathrooms which makes things so much more pleasant, and all the damaged plasterwork has now been restored and lovely new doors too.  And cupboards!!!!  Bliss!  There was absolutely no storage here, so we've had huge builtin cupboards put in so that everything has a home.    The outside of the house looks amazing too.   I haven't taken a photo of that yet but will do very soon and then I can show you a 'before and after' shot.

And the very best thing....the possums in the ceiling have gone.  There is no way for them to get in any more.  The quiet is wonderful.  We had to trap the last little fellow as he was very reluctant to leave.  But eventually hunger got the better of him and he came down into the kitchen and went into the trap.  Didn't turn a hair when the trap snapped shut..just continued eating as Joel carried the trap outside and probably didn't leave the cage until every last morsel of food was gone.  It was such a funny ending to our possum problem.  They are such a cute animal, but not when they live in the ceiling.


  1. Possums are very cute but the damage they can do is not!!! A lovely little parcel of goodies - the stitchery is beautiful!

  2. Glad you liked your gift. Will look forward to seeing your bag when you eventually get time to make it. I know what it must be like in your home at present but I think you have the right idea and a little each day will be the best way to tackle it. We used to have a possum in our roof when I was building. Luckily it moved out before we moved in. Talk soon Hugs........