Monday, August 12, 2013

The renovations continue

This will be a blog without pictures...pretty boring I know.....hopefully piccies will come next time.

The house renovations are continuing in earnest around here....I have days when I pray that the guys won't turn up, but it appears that nobody upstairs is listening.  The new roof was completed ages ago, the total rewiring is a work in progress (they are the worst days as the power is cut off for the day).  All the outside cladding and insulation has been done and now we barely know it is winter.

So now the guys have moved inside to make all their noise and mess.  At the moment they are working on the ensuite and dressing room for my is sanding...yuk.  But I am thrilled at how our truly revolting former home is now becoming very attractive.  Well worth the mess and noise I would say.

Just to add to the mix, daughter Andrea was kicked by a horse a couple of weeks ago which was very nasty.  Her arm was broken and her jaw isn't working properly.  I never realised there is so much pain associated with a broken arm, but most of that is behind Andrea now and she is starting to feel frustrated at being able to do very little.  Thank heaven for the internet and a laptop.

With all of that I have done absolutely no sewing at all for so very long...I really can't remember which projects I had been working on, but I'm sure it will all come back to me when I get a moment to open my boxes to resume my stitching.


  1. it will all be worth it in the end and boy i hope your daughter gets better soon,not much fun being kicked by a horse.xx

  2. Hi Kali, Glad the renovations are going well. Don't worry about the Let's Celebrate post date and just send when you have time to get back to your stitching. I still have a bit to go on yours so may be a little late getting it away but will let you know when I send. Thinking of you, no fun with the electricity off but just keep thinking of how happy you will be when it's finally finished. Look forward to lots of photos then. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Hugs......

  3. Hope your daughter recovers quickly, horses hooves can do so much damage!

    Just think how beautiful your home is going to be when everything is done, all lovely and new.

  4. HI!Kali, It must be further advanced by now(I am behind catching up on here) It will be great when the renos are finished and you can enjoy your new surroundings and settle to some sewing time.