Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Finish

These long hot and steamy days have at least had one good outcome for me.  I flee to the sewing room and stick at what I'm currently working on until it's finished.  The garden doesn't beckon me at all..what's left of it.

This morning I have ticked off another UFO.  I bought this kit while I was living in Tasmania and it seems to have taken so long to complete....that might be because it kept slipping to the bottom of the todo list.  Anyway, it is done now and ready to go off to the quilter.  I think it will be very cute to hang on the wall during the Christmas Season...nice and fresh.

I've completed a few other projects but for now they have to stay under wraps until the recipients have unwrapped them.   Like many others, I get a huge kick out of making gifts for others but am always a bit nervous about whether I am making something to their taste.   That's where blogs can come in handy though..they are a great avenue for stalking to find out what might be appreciated :)

Last night I was at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop and bought a very cute little Mouse for the rest of this nasty hot day I might just see if I can do justice to this pattern.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Night With Friends

I joined in with this delightful group thinking it would give me a bit of a boost along with my projects, particularly my gift making.  Last year I found myself frantically paddling to keep up with last minute gifts and decided that this year I would begin making small projects right at the start of the year so that I would be more prepared.

Last night I managed to complete this little trio which is now ready to go into my gift box...

And here is a photo of my gorgeous Puss..totally relaxed out on the back verandah