Sunday, August 5, 2012

Look what the postie delivered last week.

Ever since Amitie Textiles had Green Tea and Sweet Beans as a block of the month, I have wanted to make that quilt.  So years later they have just released the pattern for this gorgeous quilt, and a starter pack of the fabrics they used in the original quilt.  I was quick off the mark this time and managed the score a starter pack, and the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous.  As you can see.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spotty Dresdens

It really does appear that I've achieved nothing much in the way of quilting if you are judging by the lack of posts on my blog lately.  However, I do have to 'fess up' that I have actually temporarily lost two completed quilts due to my most recent move.  You might wonder how I can lose two quilts.  Well, it's easy when your sewing room is littered with packing boxes while trying to juggle things around moving time.  So...there are two more gorgeous quilts..somewhere.  One is beautifully quilted by Hermoine and was just awaiting the sewing on of the binding (which didn't happen as I had packed my walking foot).  It is the Jan Patek quilt which I have shown in an earlier post.  The other lost soul is a Christmas quilt designed by Anni Downs.

So...I have another quilt now, and managed to not lose it during the move.  I just had to make a Dresden Plate quilt...never made one before, and really wanted one.  I decided to make it pretty bright, and use all the different spotty fabrics in my stash.  I tried to use all the ones I had, but believe it or not, there are plenty of spots that didn't make it into this quilt.   I'm really pleased with this little stashbuster..lovely and bright and fresh.
I had Hermoine of Lorien Quilting   quilt this little baby, and she did a fantastic job of it.  I'm so glad she lives close by and can just drop my tops off and know she will do something amazing. I picked up the quilt yesterday, and then the cat had to give her royal katly stamp of approval.

This morning I trimmed the quilt and prepared the binding...still feeling quite smug that I had managed to NOT lose this quilt...and here are the photos to prove it.  I will be sewing down the binding this week while I am at Carrum Downs Quilters....I find I enjoy applying the binding so long as there is plenty of chatter around me to keep my mind occupied.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello from the fabulous Dandenongs!

I can't believe it, but I've been here for almost two months times flies.  I totally love it here.  I love all the trees, the lovely friendly people, how easy it is to get to anywhere I want to go, and I LOVE my local patchwork shop Foothills Fabrics and Threads.

What don't I love?  The fleas!  My dogs have never had fleas but living here it seems to be a constant battle to keep them itch free.  But we seem to be winning the fight now..fingers crossed.

I have joined several friendship groups through my local pw shop and am getting to know many lovely friendly and welcoming good for the soul.  One group concentrates on English paper piecing, another is making anything to do with Christmas and at another the main activity is downing champagne and chatting (that's my favourite!)

It always takes me a while to begin sewing after a big move, but I have begun making Dresden Plates..some rounded, some pointy and some will be both.  I think I got the idea from Anne Sutton's blog.  All the fabrics are spots, and even the sashings and borders will be spots....everybody loves spots...don't they???

The little one that looks different is one I'm making in the English paper piecing group with Jennifer Knol.  We will be making many different shapes, so I thought I would make them all using the one fabric range and then try to unify them into a quilt later on.  This range is At Water's Edge.

Speaking of water, I found this photo on my was taken last December as the first boats from the Sydney to Hobart yacht race came up the Derwent River.  This was the view from my loungeroom window.  Do I miss that view?  You bet!

Now that I have begun chatting from my temporary new home (till major renovations are completed at my permanent new home) let's see if I can keep up some sort of regular communications.  It's been lovely chatting.