Friday, November 18, 2011

We’ve bought a new home!

And the first thing we are going to do is rip it apart and then put it all back together again.  It stands on half an acre in Tecoma in the Dandenongs and I’m really looking forward to moving there once my home in Tasmania has sold.   I can’t say I enjoy the selling process…doing lots of housekeeping and having perfect strangers traipsing through my home aren’t my favourite things, but I just tell myself that this too shall pass.

I haven’t had much time for quilting, but I have put together a quilt top for a friend who will turn 80 in February.  She loves bright fabrics, so I dipped into my lovely stash of Kaffe fabrics.  Hope she likes it.



  1. Congratulations Kali, it's hard work selling and buying isn't it. We might be able to catch up more often when you're on this side of the strait...

  2. Gorgeous quilt Kali, Those fabrics are fabulous. AND exciting news. Look forward to being 'neighbours ;)

  3. Wow! What great news. Good luck with your house sale. Might catch up with you at AQC in April perhaps!

  4. Congrats! So you plan on doing a bit of renovation to your new home, then? Well, try staying in the new place for a while. Experiencing the place should give you a good insight on what to do there and give you time to settle in.

    -Carmen Monrovia