Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everybunny!

I’m not quite sure where the first four months of this year have gone, but suddenly it is Easter, and you know what that means don’t you.  It means that next time we draw breath, everybody will be talking about the fact that it will soon be Christmas.  Spare me!

I’ve been a very quiet little quilter lately, probably because I was feeling decidedly ‘average’ for a few months.  However I now have my energy back and have been busy sewing, playing with the dogs, and continuing on with painting the inside of my house.  Actually the painting is almost completed now and the house is looking quite gorgeous..all white with creams and beiges here and there.  It looks so spacious now.  The only disappointment is that we shall be selling it later this year to move back to Canberra.  How I am going to miss my beach walks with the dogs.

I do have some sewing to show you, though I’ve yet to take a photo of the quilt I’ve just completed, apart from binding. Might get to that tomorrow.  I’ve been working on three BOM’s, once of which is the Leanne Beasley one in Vignette.  I haven’t completed the first block of it yet, so there is no photo.

But here are the other two blocks I’ve done…both from my rather substantial stash.

100_0221Berries and Bluebirds

100_0203That is a Kaffe quilt I’ve been working on.

100_0211This is Sunny Days that I did as a BOM through Annie Downs shop…still have to apply the final border…it is a huge 86” square.

100_0217This is On Freedom’s Wings

100_0206And this is a Grandmothers Flower Garden I’m working on…still a long way to go.  I’ve been using Sue Daley’s papers and the Sewline gluepen.  But I keep thinking whistfully about how much more speedy it is to use the Inklingo method.  Might have to return to doing my GFG’s this way.

I hope I don’t leave it so long before blogging’s been fun.


  1. Nice to have you back Kali, you've been busy by the look of those photo's...

  2. Oh Kali what a choice..... Canberra or Tassie.........I know where I would choose. Wonderful projects there, I especially love the colours you're using in the Berries and Bluebirds and the On Freedoms Wings looks gorgeous, who is that by??
    Also, I have to ask, what is the Inklingo method???

  3. HI Kali, Good to hear from you, love all you have been working on.

  4. My goodness, if that is what you get done when feeling 'average' imaging what will happen now you have your energy back!! You go girl! Love looking at your projects,the variety is just amazing, no change of boredom for you, is there!