Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A late start to the year

It’s probably not a good way to begin the blogging year by completely missing a month of writing, but what’s a girl to do with no access to her computer!

I have been a vey dutiful Mother and went to Upwey in the Dandenong Mts outside Melbourne to do a whole month of pet sitting while ‘the kids’ went to the US.  They spent most of their month away high up in the mountains of Colorado surrounded by snow and ice.  They said they never wanted to leave, but this Mother is terribly glad they did eventually come home so that I could get on with my life.

I did manage to find two lovely little patchwork shops..Foothills Fabrics in Tecoma and Mrs Martin’s Quiltshop at Monbulk.  Both of them gorgeous shops with lovely owners who made me very welcome.  I did return home with a little more luggage than I took.  I know there were many more quilt shops in the area, but one of the dogs I was looking after has horrible separation anxiety and I didn’t like to be gone from her for too long.

While I was away my dogs went to doggy daycare for two days a week so Rhyll could get her work done…and one day while they were there they had a bit of a spruceup.  This is the first time Ebby has had a full clip and I was so pleasantly surprised to see her when I arrived home..just look at her…so cute.  And of course Molly is looking gorgeous too.

100_0202 They love to take up their positions on my bed…that way they can see out to the street and down the hallway…no need to miss a thing.  And when nothing is happening there is always the pillows to drag around the bed.  The furry cover is left in place so that Miss Ebby doesn’t feel the need to chew on the quilt underneath.

I have been stitching quite diligently, but can’t show any of it to you as it is Secret Women’s Business.  So instead I will show you a photo of the cutest little bunny a friend gave to me for Christmas.  Said bunny is sitting beside my favourite new birdcage which contains a beautiful scented candle.  I love bunnies and have quite a nice little collection of them.  Bunnies and sheep actually are my favourite collectibles, but there are no new sheep at the moment.  And I also adore birdcages.  No surprises then that I had to buy the new Petals and Patches BOM called On Freedom’s Wings.  Can’t wait to have a moment to jump into that one!



  1. Your babies look so cute sitting up on your bed. I bet they were glad to see you come home.

  2. Secret women's business indeed, can't wait for the big reveal!! Your babies are just so cute too! Bet they missed you like crazy! I too have a cute bird cage, only mine has fabric birds inside....isn't that novel?

  3. What a shame you did not announce you "living" in our State.........meetings could have happened......LOL.

  4. So close, yet so far!!! We must make the timing a little better next time, it was lovely to meet you and hope that next time it will be for a longer time. Your puppies are so cute!!