Friday, December 23, 2011

That didn’t quite work.

For some reason the dogs’ names didn’t end up where they were meant to.

So to clarify, the little black Maltese Shi-tzu is Ebony (Ebby) and the Labradoodle is Molly.

Merry Christmas!

To those of you who enjoy to read my blog, my two furry babies and I would like to wish you a Peaceful Festive Season.



               Ebby                                                                                         Molly

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Quilt For Mara

I have a lovely friend here named Mara, who will be celebrating her 80th birthday just after I leave for my new home in Victoria.  She’s very proud of becoming an octogenarian and won’t mind at all that I have told you she is turning 80 soon.  In fact Mara is my role model…..if I am half as active as Mara is when I turn 80 I shall be awfully proud of myself.  She takes long walks, is considering taking up tennis again, is very socially active, and is also a keen gardener and mows her own lawn.  She also drives extremely well, and get this, takes a yearly trip back to England to see her brother and other relatives.  I tell you, this lady is amazing!

Anyway, when one of Mara’s daughters told me she was about to turn 80 and that the daughters were getting together to buy her a new bed, I decided I would make Mara a quilt for her new bed.  Mara loves bright colours so I thought that finally I’ve found a project to use up at least part of my stash of Kaffe fabrics.  And yesterday, just as I completed writing the label on the quilt, who should come knocking on my door, but Mara bearing a lovely Christmas card. 

So I thanked her, and asked her inside as I had something for her too.  She was just totally floored when I gave her her first ever quilt.  She is absolutely thrilled with it and it now takes pride of place on her bed.  She tells me she needs to make new curtains now.   When you look at the quilt you will see that she will have endless options for choosing colours for her curtains.

And that is my final project to be made during my four year stay in Tasmania.  The sewing studio is looking rather sad now in its packed up state.



Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have sold my house now and thought I had better make a start with the packing.  Even better, I thought I would start with the sewing studio.

The good news is that I still love everything that I have (indeed I am a very wealthy woman fabricwise), the bad news is I had NO idea how much gorgeous, lushious fabric  etc I actually own and have to pack.  Only a mad woman would try to move with all this stuff.   That says it all I guess.

Before I sold I thought I would fill in a little bit of time with some Christmas decorating.  I don’t do big trees and lots of stuff everywhere cos I detest pulling it all down again.  But I do love what I manage to do with a few twigs each year….pretty simple huh?


As soon as settlement happens, our architect will be ready to start work on our house.  He has all sorts of great ideas for this simple little 1930’s house and I’m dying to see how it all works out.  Meanwhile, I will move into a rental house close by and try to curb my impatience.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We’ve bought a new home!

And the first thing we are going to do is rip it apart and then put it all back together again.  It stands on half an acre in Tecoma in the Dandenongs and I’m really looking forward to moving there once my home in Tasmania has sold.   I can’t say I enjoy the selling process…doing lots of housekeeping and having perfect strangers traipsing through my home aren’t my favourite things, but I just tell myself that this too shall pass.

I haven’t had much time for quilting, but I have put together a quilt top for a friend who will turn 80 in February.  She loves bright fabrics, so I dipped into my lovely stash of Kaffe fabrics.  Hope she likes it.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flora and Fauna

I don’t have much to show in the way of sewing this time as I’ve been working on a project which is to be a gift for my Christmas Gift partner Gillian.  It wouldn’t do for her to find out what this gift is in advance…might just spoil the fun a bit!

It’s a little bit sad at our house this week as Rhyll is leaving for Canberra permanently on Friday.  For a couple of years she has been doing her job remotely, but the time has come to step things up a bit and take promotions etc.  We get along really well and will both find it strange to just talk to the walls (and in my case the dogs and cat).  So keep ourselves busy we have been putting little finishing touches to all the painting we have just completed…here is Rhyll hard at work. Not sure that she is either flora or fauna, but here she is anyway.


The garden is starting to look beautiful and it is wonderful to just wander and see what nature has been up to.  I decided to plant some Silver Birches in the front garden last year and they are growing so fast.  There a lot of Azalia bushes in amongst the Birches and it is going to be very pretty as the trees grow.


Last year a friend gave me some plants which she called Euphorbia.  I’d never seen them before, so obviously they weren’t something that grows in Brisbane.  This little patch of them is looking stunning and they are such an amazing plant to see



And this last flower photo comes courtesy of my neighbour…because I thought the bush looked ugly in my garden and ripped it out before I knew how fabulous the flower is.  What a duffer I can be at times!


I visited my daughter in Upwey in the Dandenongs last week and had a wonderful time.  I was pet sitting while they attended a wedding on the Sunshine Coast in Qld.  Of course I just had to visit the gorgeous little patchwork shop at Tecoma a couple of times, and had a lovely visit with Ramona….my but her house and garden are just gorgeous!   I also visited a display village of Granny flats and was SO impressed with them.  So at present I am making plans to live in the Upwey area in a gorgeous granny flat, and join in all the fun that the quilters have there.  Can’t wait!   It has taken me most of this year to finally decide to go to live in this area but I am really pleased with my decision now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris…

I’ve no clue if anybody is still bothering to check out my blog, but just in case you are reading, Hi!

It’s been such a strange year…most of it seems to have been tied up in house renovations…just little stuff, but when you are doing it yourself it takes ages.  So all the painting is done, the carpet and vinyl have been laid, all the new curtains are up.  And now I’m sick of it all, so I’ll sit back and enjoy it .

Not a lot of sewing has been happening, but I have enjoyed making my version of Bluebirds and Berries..only two more blocks to go now….and you can see the new carpet behind the blocks.


Next week I shall be visiting Andrea in Upwey which I am really looking forward to.  I love to see my daughter and I love that part of the world, so it will be great.  Let’s just hope the weather stays as perfect as it is at the moment.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everybunny!

I’m not quite sure where the first four months of this year have gone, but suddenly it is Easter, and you know what that means don’t you.  It means that next time we draw breath, everybody will be talking about the fact that it will soon be Christmas.  Spare me!

I’ve been a very quiet little quilter lately, probably because I was feeling decidedly ‘average’ for a few months.  However I now have my energy back and have been busy sewing, playing with the dogs, and continuing on with painting the inside of my house.  Actually the painting is almost completed now and the house is looking quite gorgeous..all white with creams and beiges here and there.  It looks so spacious now.  The only disappointment is that we shall be selling it later this year to move back to Canberra.  How I am going to miss my beach walks with the dogs.

I do have some sewing to show you, though I’ve yet to take a photo of the quilt I’ve just completed, apart from binding. Might get to that tomorrow.  I’ve been working on three BOM’s, once of which is the Leanne Beasley one in Vignette.  I haven’t completed the first block of it yet, so there is no photo.

But here are the other two blocks I’ve done…both from my rather substantial stash.

100_0221Berries and Bluebirds

100_0203That is a Kaffe quilt I’ve been working on.

100_0211This is Sunny Days that I did as a BOM through Annie Downs shop…still have to apply the final border…it is a huge 86” square.

100_0217This is On Freedom’s Wings

100_0206And this is a Grandmothers Flower Garden I’m working on…still a long way to go.  I’ve been using Sue Daley’s papers and the Sewline gluepen.  But I keep thinking whistfully about how much more speedy it is to use the Inklingo method.  Might have to return to doing my GFG’s this way.

I hope I don’t leave it so long before blogging’s been fun.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A late start to the year

It’s probably not a good way to begin the blogging year by completely missing a month of writing, but what’s a girl to do with no access to her computer!

I have been a vey dutiful Mother and went to Upwey in the Dandenong Mts outside Melbourne to do a whole month of pet sitting while ‘the kids’ went to the US.  They spent most of their month away high up in the mountains of Colorado surrounded by snow and ice.  They said they never wanted to leave, but this Mother is terribly glad they did eventually come home so that I could get on with my life.

I did manage to find two lovely little patchwork shops..Foothills Fabrics in Tecoma and Mrs Martin’s Quiltshop at Monbulk.  Both of them gorgeous shops with lovely owners who made me very welcome.  I did return home with a little more luggage than I took.  I know there were many more quilt shops in the area, but one of the dogs I was looking after has horrible separation anxiety and I didn’t like to be gone from her for too long.

While I was away my dogs went to doggy daycare for two days a week so Rhyll could get her work done…and one day while they were there they had a bit of a spruceup.  This is the first time Ebby has had a full clip and I was so pleasantly surprised to see her when I arrived home..just look at her…so cute.  And of course Molly is looking gorgeous too.

100_0202 They love to take up their positions on my bed…that way they can see out to the street and down the hallway…no need to miss a thing.  And when nothing is happening there is always the pillows to drag around the bed.  The furry cover is left in place so that Miss Ebby doesn’t feel the need to chew on the quilt underneath.

I have been stitching quite diligently, but can’t show any of it to you as it is Secret Women’s Business.  So instead I will show you a photo of the cutest little bunny a friend gave to me for Christmas.  Said bunny is sitting beside my favourite new birdcage which contains a beautiful scented candle.  I love bunnies and have quite a nice little collection of them.  Bunnies and sheep actually are my favourite collectibles, but there are no new sheep at the moment.  And I also adore birdcages.  No surprises then that I had to buy the new Petals and Patches BOM called On Freedom’s Wings.  Can’t wait to have a moment to jump into that one!