Saturday, September 4, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Quilt

O n my second day of wandering around the Sydney Quilt Show back in June, I spied, in the corner, just draped over a chair in the Patchwork On Central Park booth, this very sweet little quilt.  Of course I just had to buy the pattern and was really happy when I was able to source the fabric that is the central theme of this quilt.  It is Alice in Wonderland by Kokka.


It was a very simple quilt to make…it is a disappearing 9patch with a little bit of stitching on a few of the blocks.  I then quilted in the ditch by machine and hand quilted large circles.  I wish I had used a heavier thread and larger stitches for the hand quilting.  Hindsight is wonderful.  But it is also a lesson learned and I will know for next time.

100_0150 100_0151

Last Tuesday I went to the Tuesday stitching evening at The Quilted Crow.  Their gas heating still hasn’t been installed, but with the oil column heater sitting under the big sewing table, we were all pretty cosy.  It was an excellent night and I’m really looking forward to being a regular visitor to this evening.

  I was handed a brown paper bag by Leonie.  Don’t you just love brown paper bags!!!!  Couldn’t wait to see what was inside :)  What I found were 12 lovely pieces of fabric, 12 2” cardboard hexagons, plus a plastic template to use for cutting out the fabrics.  I was told to baste the 12 hexagons during the week, keep 6 and return 6 the following week (or when I next return) and then I would be given another 12 cardboard hexagons which I would then cover with my own fabric…keep 6 and return 6.  And so it goes on for however long i want to play the game.  I find this exciting..something so simple, and yet I can envision a fabulous quilt coming from this bit of fun.


  1. Love the little quilt, it is quite lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with your brown paper bag goodness!

  2. Hi Kali, I love that Alice in Wonderland fabric!!! The quilt looks gorgeous. Love your babies too. Aren't Maltese/Shih Tzu's the best little friends!

  3. Hello Kali, I am back after a long break from blogging. So I have stopped by to see what you have been up too. The quilt is lovely as is the Alice in Wonderland fabric. I have made some goodies over the summer to give away. I have post them on my blog. Hugs Judy