Monday, July 19, 2010

I Made Another Cushion

During the earlier part of this year I joined in a Mini Round Robin with SCQIS, and as well as learning a couple of great new techniques I can use in my quilts, I also ended up with a very cute little quilt.  I decided it would look very sweet as a cushion and set about making it into one.  Here it is…now tell me this isn’t one cute cushion!


Block 3 of The Civil War Bride has been completed for a little while…every time I look at it I think how similar her legs are to mine (they resemble tree trunks).

Civil War Bride Block 3

The dogs are telling me that I haven’t shown pictures of them on my blog for a while and that I had better rectify the situation.  Here they are, firstly playing tug of war which they love to do.  And then all that fun has to be followed by a little nap (on Mum’s bed of course).

The girls at play

After play we sleep


  1. Love the cushion Kali! As for the legs, not even close, yours are much shorter!!!!LOL
    Those beautiful, spoiled dogs.....!

  2. I love how comfy those puppy dogs have made themselves on your bed! My Bonnie would be jealous :)