Monday, July 19, 2010

I Made Another Cushion

During the earlier part of this year I joined in a Mini Round Robin with SCQIS, and as well as learning a couple of great new techniques I can use in my quilts, I also ended up with a very cute little quilt.  I decided it would look very sweet as a cushion and set about making it into one.  Here it is…now tell me this isn’t one cute cushion!


Block 3 of The Civil War Bride has been completed for a little while…every time I look at it I think how similar her legs are to mine (they resemble tree trunks).

Civil War Bride Block 3

The dogs are telling me that I haven’t shown pictures of them on my blog for a while and that I had better rectify the situation.  Here they are, firstly playing tug of war which they love to do.  And then all that fun has to be followed by a little nap (on Mum’s bed of course).

The girls at play

After play we sleep

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tripping around

Following on from my trip to AQC in Melbourne, I decided I just couldn’t live (happily) if I didn’t visit the quilt show at Darling Harbour in Sydney this year.  So off I went and for two days I immersed myself in quilts, quilts and yet more quilts.  Had a wonderful time and took a few photos of the quilts I loved.  Here are a couple.



I wish now that I had written down the names of those who created them.,,they certainly were inspirational.

And last week I took a quick trip to Brisbane to visit with my lovely friend Lynette.  We always have a ball together, and this time was no exception.  Silly me forgot to take my camera with me…there were so many great shots I could have taken.

First day we spent at the Textile Show at the Convention Centre..what a great little show that was, and not too crowded so we could really enjoy ourselves.  My mate Karen was there at her stand The Quilters and Embroiderers Shop, so we made a date to spend the entire day at her shop on the following Monday.  Lisa Walton was also there with all her gorgeous dyed goodies (sometimes I wonder if Lisa and Peter actually ever get to spend time at home).  There were lots of people selling the most wonderful yarns and wools.  Finally I gave into temptation and bought 4 separate lots of wools.  At the rate I knit, they will last me a lifetime.  But they were too beautiful to resist them.

The day passed all too quickly, and in the evening a group of us went to Southbank to a Turkish restaurant for dinner.  Delicious!  And it was great to be with a bunch of my Brisbane friends…Suzy, Melinda, Michelle and Lynette.

The following day we vegged out a bit, and knitted, and shopped, and ate.  Lynette now lives upstairs from some fabulous restaurants.  If I lived there it wouldn’t be too long before I couldn’t fit into the lift.

Then Monday came and we really did spend all day at The Quilters Store.  It is closed for the day on Mondays, but we had ‘mates rates’ which allowed us in :)   Oh what an alladins cave it is.   Seeing as I couldn’t stuff another thing into my small suitcase, I had the bright idea of asking Karen to post my goodies home.  They arrived home the day after I did….and I certainly had shopped well. 

It was wonderful to spend ages chatting with Karen…Lyn, Karen and I go back a long way and although none of us see each other too often these days, we always seem to pick up the threads just as though it was yesterday.  Good friends are the jewels in life.

Rhyll has just reminded me that it is time I started making dinner as my son Mark will be joining us tonight.  So off I go to throw a chicken in the pan.