Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Grief! I’m Blogging!

I know, I know, it’s been far too long again.  I blame the dogs…they are also the reason I achieve far too little in the sewing room.  They are just furry little attention seekers.

However, this afternoon I have put my foot down and taken myself out to the sewing studio for a good old quiltathon.  And now I am continuing to ignore the furry ones and getting some words and photos onto my blog.

Since I last made an entry I’ve been to AQC in Melbourne which was wonderful.  It was the first time I’d been and although I didn’t do any classes, I sure did help the local economy.   I stayed in a townhouse across the road from where AQC was held,  with my mates Lynette and Dot and we had ourselves a good old time.

My first photo is of the beautiful building where AQC was held.  I took so many photos of this building both inside and out as it is so stunning.

Museum Building

One of the first stands I came across was that of the Quilted Crow girls, Leonie and Deirdre.  I thought their stand was a real standout as it was so different from all the others.  Though I did enjoy quite a few of those too :) L & D are presently in the US where they are showing off their goodies and are being extremely well received.  Good on them I say!

The Quilted Crow

Something that really appealed to me was a stand showing all the beautiful bonnets that had been made by volunteers.  The aim is to make one each for each of the women who were incarcerated in the Womens’ Prison in Hobart in the early years. (I think I have that right).  I really meant to pick up a pattern and make a bonnet….but time flew by, and I didn’t.  However I’m sure that if I do a search on Google I will be able to locate a website dedicated to the initiative.

Bonnets for Womens Prison

Of course there were hundreds of beautiful quilts to be seen, but here are a couple of photos of quilts that really spoke to me.

And this one too

Love this quilt


  1. Lovely to hear about your trip to AQC, the building is certainly very beautiful!

  2. Hello from Michigan, WOW, what a very lovely building and of course it is always neat to see quilters shopping and shopping. Nice to hear that you all had a super time. Hugs Judy