Friday, April 23, 2010

Cancel cancel


After I wrote my previous post about changing back to my Typepad blog, dear Lizzie wrote to me and told me how to overcome my frustration with the Blogger site.  So just cancel my last post, I shall continue on here.

I’ve achieved a couple of finishes this week…one was a fairly quick one and one has taken me months to complete…I’ll leave it to you to guess which is which.  And by ‘finish’ I don’t mean I’ve completed whole quilts…oh deary me no!  I just mean I have completed blocks in a couple of different quilts.

First up, I am doing a BOM with The Home Patch called Sunny Days.  This is a pattern by Jan Patek.

Jan Patek 1

Jan Patek pattern

The following is the second stitchery panel of a series of three in another quilt I’m working on.

2nd Stitchery panel

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the third…it is huge and will probably take me until Christmas to complete it.  But it is so gorgeous, I think it is worth the work.

Moving House Again

I’ve decided to move my blog back to my Typepad address.  Please find me at

Monday, April 12, 2010

I found the magazine Julie!

Yes, I’m speaking to you Julie D.  It must be a week or two ago that you asked me if I had Quilters Companion No. 18, and although I searched high and low, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I was quite sure I still had it, as I began making Candied Hexagons while I was living in Canberra…and I was equally sure that I hadn’t thrown any of it away.

Anyway, in the middle of the night last night I woke up and thought again about the magazine and the hexies, and suddenly knew exactly where they were.  In a basket, hiding under the Lynette Anderson quilt that I had also begun making but haven’t yet completed.  I wasn’t quite sure where that basket was, but I knew what it looked like.   Seeing as our weather has turned very wintery here in Tasmania I didn’t dive out of bed and go out to the studio to begin searching immediately, but I did do that this morning…and went straight to that basket, and there was the magazine, the hexies and the templates.  How about that!

I know you have managed to obtain a copy of the magazine now, so I won’t send you mine…in fact I may just make the occasional hexagon and see if I can’t at least make a mini quilt from them.

So here are the photos of my find…

Candied Hexagons

More Candied Hexagons

I have been a busy little beaver the past couple of weeks, and have also completed Block 2 of The Civil War Bride

Civil War Bride 2

I also spent 3 to 4 hours every night for a week unpicking the quilting I did on my Reindeer Quilt.  I had thrown it in the cupboard in disgust after I quilted it just before Christmas as I had used an inferior batting and this little quilt ended up looking like something the cat had dragged in.  Finally I was inspired to remove every single quilting stitch and will now set to and quilt it again.  This quilt is about lap sized and is very cute.

Reindeer Quilt

The nights have become very long down here again now which is great for getting lots of sewing done…I’m waiting for the postie to deliver my next BOM block from Material Obsession and from Annie Downs.  I don’t think I’ve shown you my block from the Jan Patek quilt that I’m making from The Home Patch, and I can’t find it on Anni’s site either….so I’ll take a photo in my next blog to show you.

Other news….I’ve started once again on Tony Ferguson to whittle away the excess kilo’s I’ve put on recently…boy it makes me feel good.  Hope I can continue for ages on it.

And my exciting news is that my mate Lynette phoned me and enticed me into going to the Australasian Quilt Convention.  She and a friend will be there for the week doing all the classes.  Doing classes drives me insane cos it brings up all my insecurities, so I’ll just take my time viewing all the gorgeous quilts and goodies for a couple of days.

More next time…..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It’s The Easter Ebby!


Rhyll thought Ebby would make a good standin for the Easter Bunny…..and I have to admit she did look pretty darned cute!

Easter Ebby

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter season.  Don’t eat too much chocolate…it sticks to the hips.

Here We Go Again….

I’m not even going to mention the fact that it’s been too long since I last blogged……..

But life gets busy…You all know what I mean.  Even here in good old slow paced Tassie.

This morning Rhyll and I went to breakfast with our lovely friends Michelle, Angie and Barb.  Talked up a storm as usual, and traded Easter eggs..of course!  And Michelle brought along a copy of Quiltmania that she had just found in the newsagent.  That was a new one for all of us, but it is utterly divine.  So I’ve subscribed for that.  It is from France, but they do an English version.  But where you subscribe online is all in French…boy did that test out my highschool French.  Mostly I guessed, but fingers crossed the magazine will find its way to me.  I love love  love that publication.  In fact I’ve had a long running love affair with all things French….I must go for a visit one day.  Only problem is that I may never want to return to Australia.

I seem to have been munching on chocolate all week…next week the dieting begins.  I’ve been telling myself to get back to eating protein for weeks now…but just before Easter just isn’t the right time for that.  But this coming week had just better be the right time…cos I refuse to buy clothes in a larger size.

Last weekend we were at The Gathering…organised by the girls from The Quilted Crow. We really enjoyed ourselves and the guest tutors for the day were Marg Low and Gail Pan who both have some wonderful designs.

Marg's bunnies

Marg's Christmas Ornaments

Marg's sewing kit


  I particularly liked Marg’s projects, and I had a mini-epiphany (if such a thing exists).  I realized I just don’t need to be making full sized quilts for the rest of my life…..I will be just as happy to make smaller quilts such as lap quilts, wallhangings, pin cushions and the like.    I still can’t have a quilt on my bed as Ebby is still prone to chewing holes in them, so now I will make things I can display and furnish my home with.  A much better idea methinks.  I’m sure a large quilt will still manifest itself from time to time, and I’m halfway through a couple of major productions which I shall finish, and then I look forward to making smaller items.


Rhyll and I are continuing with our painting saga.  At the moment the hallway is being painted white.  There are five doors leading off the hallway, and all of them were brown stained wood (which we hate).  So we’ve had to use a special undercoat on all the brown stained timber before we could apply the coats of nice shiny gloss paint.  It is still a work in progress, but when complete I will show you how it looks.  It is looking twice as spacious, I can tell you that!