Friday, March 5, 2010

Playing Catchup


I admit it, I am the Queen of Procrastination.  It has been forever since I felt like adding anything to my blog, despite several of my internet buddies requesting an update.

However, this morning Judy Grant from Michigan asked me ever so sweetly to put some new pictures and words onto my blog and it has spurred me into action.

This past few months has been about getting the craft studio painted and then making curtains for several rooms here.  I would adore to be able to just buy new curtains, but when I look at the cost I revert back to ‘homemade’.  And I have to say I love to use quilting fabrics for my curtains.

I have just made some curtains from white Kona cotton for the craft studio and that fabric was a dream to sew.  I wanted something really light and airy that wouldn’t cut down too much on light, but which I could draw in winter to keep the warm inside.  So behind the Kona cotton I put triple phase lining…I’m sure that will do the job.

Did I show you piccies of the craft studio after painting?  I can’t remember, so here are a couple for you to see.  My end is still in a mess here…it looks a little better now, but not a lot.

 Craft studio My end

Whereas Rhyll is Mrs Neat and everything is totally organised and looking gorgeous.  She didn’t get that trait from me!

Craft studio Rhyll's end

Rhyll's end

So apart from boring old curtains,  I’ve been sewing a block of this project, then a block from another project…never actually completing anything.  But I guess one day all the various things I’m working on will come together.

I’m making a baby quilt for Rhyll’s friends in Canberra.  I know how cold it can be Canberra, so this is a little flannel quilt to keep the baby nice and cosy.

Baby quilt

I am working on my first block of Civil War Bride…I adore this quilt.

Block 1 Civil War Bride

I’ve done a couple more blocks of Sue Ross’s BOM

Sue Ross BOM

Centre block Sur Ross BOM

And there is my second block of the Kim McLean quilt I’m making using Kaffe fabrics

Kim McLean Block 2

Rhyll makes all sorts of wonderful things in her craft cubby…but this is one I particularly love..she’s such a clever girl.

Bird collage

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little show and tell.  I’ve enjoyed getting back into the swing of things on my blog and will try to update regularly.


  1. Looks like some really good action there. I am stuck on doing borders for at least two quilts and really three........sad!

  2. Hello Kali, Loved seeing all your pics. Your do such beautiful applique. I love all those block. You are a very talented lady, I could never to applique well, ever. Love the photos of you and your daughter's craft rooms. The baby quilt does look very warm and cuddly and it is very very pretty. Thanks for sharing your pics with us. Hugs Judy

  3. You have some really lovely blocks started. With projects like these, everyone needs a good dose of perseverance to see the whole thing through to completion. I wish you lots of it!

  4. Hi Kali!
    I am such a fan of so many of the quilts you have chosen to complete, so I will live vicariously through you for a bit!! You are one busy lady!
    I also have labradoodle named Maggie who has been with me for two weeks now~she is the best...
    be back soon!