Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Excitement!

As many can attest, I am rather technically challenged. Others would say I am challenged in many more departments than just the technical one. But I digress.
The reason I changed my blog back to the Blogger site is that it seemed easier to make changes to the appearance of my blog than on the Typepad site.

For some reason, when I transferred my Typepad blog to this one, I can only see half of each photo, but I'm not too concerned about that. Especially when I have just succeeded in making my blog look pretty....clever me! And, I just put up a new photo in the About Me section...explaining where the name of my blog comes from. See here..


  1. Hello dear one, and happy Christmas! I was watching Penny Serenade (what a sad, sad movie) this afternoon and the song "Blue Heaven" was played and I thought of you straight away (not so sad about the sad movie anymore!)

    Love your pretty new blog. I think you can select the size and placement of your photos in the layout tab of blogger, but I think the photos look pretty good the way they are!

  2. Hi Kali,
    Just caught up with your blog. So glad it is not on typepad as I can't gret access to typepad. How are you going these days and how is Tassie. John and I are getting to Hobart again in mid January but only for three days this time. About time you dropped an email to Netties again isn't it. Must be a year since you last wrote. vbg. Norma