Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two new projects

I have to say that since the weather finally warmed up here in Tassie I haven't done a whole lot of stitching.  More time is being spent at the beach with the dogs and the lovely people I've become friends with on the beach.  And the garden has also claimed a lot of my attention.  Today I had 8 bales of pea straw delivered to put on the garden.  It's a great way to keep the moisture in the soil, plus it is highly nutritious...and the worms love the stuff!

For my birthday in October my daughter Rhyll gave me a gorgeous pattern by Crabapple Hill which I have talked about previously.  Well, I have completed the first large block of it and I'm really happy with how it is going.  I was able to buy Cosmo Threads from The Quilters Store in Brisbane which I have loved working with, and I'm working on aged muslin..... so far the whole thing has been a pleasure to make.  I have the next block all traced out and ready to go now.

Over river 1 

The other project I'm working on is a quilt by Kim McLean called Flowerpots.  I decided that this quilt was going to be made on the machine and I must say I'm enjoying how quickly a block can be made this way.   I'm often quite hard on myself for using machine buttonhole, but I decided to get over it and just enjoy playing with the gorgeous Kaffe fabrics.  So here is my first block.

Kims Quilt 1

Yesterday I also cut out the pieces for the MO Sue Ross BOM...again, gorgeous colours, and I hope to have this one stitched up in a day or two.  (Depends on how involved I become with laying down pea straw!)

My friend Barb who works at The Antarctic Division sent me this photo a day or two ago.  This is her finally arriving at her destination (Davis)after a rather long ship voyage on the Aurora Australia.  Isn't it amazing that these days somebody bobbing up and down on a little ship enroute to the Antarctic can still keep in touch with the outside world via internet.  I heard all about Orcha mother and baby sightings, counting ice bergs, seeing the first pengies (Barb is a Penguinologist), about how helicopters had to be sent up to try to find a way through the hard ice.  And all about the fabulous food the chiefs on board were serving up meal after meal!   I'm looking forward to hearing all about life in the Antarctic for the next couple of months...I really do find it quite exciting.   So here is Barb. She is a tiny little firecracker, and still manages to look great in all that extreme weather clobber.



  1. Hello! The stitchery has started off beautifully! Love the applique block too. I still haven't mastered blanket stitch on my machine, otherwise I'd be doing it all the time.
    Great photo of your friend! Hope she stays warm.

  2. Lovely work on both counts, plus the wintry photo of your friend in Antarctica.

  3. Beautiful work Kali! Love the blanket stitched appliqué block, it really showcases the fabrics and the design!