Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost a Lost Dog

It's been one of those days folks, where the unexpected keeps happening.  It started this morning while I was walking my dogs on the beach as I do every morning.  We three were at the far end of the beach for the second time when suddenly Miss Molly just wasn't there!

I quickly walked around the big rock to make sure she wasn't there.  Nope...not there.   Nobody else had seen her disappear either.  Molly is just always close by!  Anyway, I figured there was only one way she could have gone, and that was back to the start of the beach (and hopefully not across the bridge and onto the main road :(

I walked as fast as my arthriticy little feet would allow, Miss Ebony in tow.  Even if I could run, there was no way I could keep up with Molly as she runs like the wind.  Staying calm..deep breathing...happy thoughts.  Got to the end of the beach and still no Molly.  But looked up and saw my friend Marina crossing the bridge with Molly in tow on the end of a leash.  Marina had found Molly running down the Esplanade (no doubt looking for my car).  Thankfully Molly knows Marina and came to her...but we are all still totally bewildered as to why she did a runner.   I'm sure even Molly wouldn't know the answer to that one...she has days when she is just plain fizzy!

Anyway, I was so darned happy to be reunited with her that it didn't even cross my mind to be cross with her.  Darned dog!

When I got home I decided I would get out the weed spray as the front garden was totally overgrown with weeds.  Used up the whole bottle and retired into the house for a cuppa.   Did a million other things during the day, and went outside to do some more gardening.  Glanced at the 'weedspray' bottle, and suddenly realised I had done my weeding this morning with bug spray...How dumb is that!!!!!

I will have the healthiest weeds in the street.   As I said to my daughter, it pays to have a sense of humour as you grow older and the brain goes into semi retirement.

Anyway, enough of that.  I finished block 3 of the MO Sue Ross BOM...here it is

MO Block 3 

I am presently attempting to quilt a Robyn Pandolph designed Christmas quilt.  I detest quilting and don't do it very well, and am so slow at the whole deal.  Would love to be able to afford to have professional quilting done on all my quilts...I can dream.  Here it is so far.

Christmas quilt

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  1. Naughty Molly! Perhaps she lost sight of you and thought you had left her behind? I love your block and the Pandolph Christmas quilt is divine!