Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Block Finished

I haven't done very much stitching since my last post as I was really ill with flu.  But since my recovery I have completed Block 2 of my Sue Ross BOM through Material Obsession.  I am totally loving the wild colours in the fabric the girls send me as they really appeal to my inner 'wild child'.   I must say that I totally freaked when I first saw the block that was to be done as I'm such a hit and miss kind of a girl.  However by treating all those bias edges very carefully and thinking twice before taking every step, I've managed to pull it off.  I'm quite chuffed with myself!

Sue Ross Block 2

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something to Show...Finally!

It would appear that I've done very little for quite a long time, but if you know me well, you would know that I've been quietly plugging away at many different projects and eventually three of them have come to a close.  I'm actually very happy with each of these quilts and the pillow.

But before I go on, I must tell you all what a truly fabulous short stay I had in Brisbane earlier this month.  I caught up with 3 of my besties which was so wonderful!   I stayed with the lovely Lynette who took care of me so so well.  Lynette had me eating out for every single meal which was divine as a special treat (I still daydream about those fabulous waffles for brekky Lynette...when I'm not daydreaming about the amazing breakfast we had, ostensibly celebrating Fathers' Day.)

On day one we visited our friend Karen's beautiful quilt shop The Quilters Store, now at Salisbury.  And there we met up with Julie D. who came all the way from Ipswich...thankyou so much for doing that Julie!  Talk about a gabfest before we got around to doing some serious looking at the fabulous merchanise.  My tiny brain just wouldn't stand still with all the excitement, but I did manage to bring home quite a few lovelies from the store.  It was so lovely to meet again with Karen's daughter Leah who is looking so wonderfully well now following her kidney transplant. This was followed by a calorie laden lunch...yummm!  And this in turn was followed by an evening spent with Lynette's friends at their regular Friday stitching evening.

Unfortunately Karen was on holidays when we visited her store, but we had already arranged to visit her at her holiday home on the North Coast.  Karen was busy sewing up shop samples and we saw some of the most fabulous ideas for using honey buns.  I'm definitely going to make some cushions very soon.  It was soo good to catch up on so much news from Karen too.  I really don't think any of us has changed one bit...still fabulous, only looking younger :)

Next day was Fathers' Day.  And following the fabulous brekky, it was off to Carindale.  We spent 6 hours there till we were finally thrown out at closing time.  But several pairs of should were bought, not to mention Christmas and birthday pressies.  Lynette and I had a ball!

Monday saw me flying back home to beautiful it was to fly over my new hometown.  And as soon as I hit the ground I got busy putting the bindings onto the two quilts that I'd just had quilted by Maree Kennedy.  She did a wonderful job on my little quilts.

But first, here is the cushion I made for friend Barb's birthday gift.
Barb's cushion

Next is a little lap quilt I have made for my friend Susie...I hope she likes it.  It has very cute little embroideries on it.
Susie's quilt
Susie's quilt 2
And last, this is my version of a quilt designed by Kerrie Gillespie...I made it completely from my stash and I love it.
Memories 1 Memories 2