Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Foot Lives Here.

A little while back my daughter Andrea and Son In Law Joel came to stay at my place while their new house is being built.  Could take a while as the local council is still sitting on their plans.  Anyhooo, we are all getting along just fine, as are our assorted dogs and cats...4 dogs and 3 cats.

Joel has a very fetching pair of slippers that he likes to wear around and which scares hell out of my cat.....

Big Foot Understandable really, isn't it.

Also, I bought fabrics from the Wonderland range which I lovely and bright.   I've begun working on designing my own quilt with it.  I guess what would be the sensible way to do it would be to draw up a pattern.  But I'm just winging it and sending up a little prayer now and then that it will end up looking okay.

Shortage of space is the main problem at the moment, with nowhere to spread the quilt out.  I guess I'll end up sticking a sheet up on the wall in the hallway so that I can see where I'm going with it.

Then I shall probably have to book a day at my sewing machine.  Andrea is learning to sew on it at the moment and rather loves the novelty of it.  Sooner or later she will have her own machine though.  I'm awfully pleased that at least one of my daughters is learning to sew.



  1. Just love the slippers! Leah had a pair of 'dogs' scared the hell out of Georgie too! Your quilt looks fabulous! Such wonderfully clear colours.

  2. What! I come here and find out you've been bagging me for not learnig how to sew!!? How can a member of the Grammar Police have time to defend the Queen's English and learn to sew, I ask you!!??