Friday, June 5, 2009

I've Been a Slack Tart

I know I've been a slack tart, cos my adoring fans keep telling me so!  So just to keep you happy for a little longer here are a couple of photos of the quilts I've been working on lately.

The first is one I call the Yoyo quilt for obvious reasons.  I've really enjoyed working with these lovely fresh, bright colours.  Not so enjoyable is sewing on all those yoyo' fact I'm thinking it now has all the yoyo's it's going to ever have.

Yoyo quilt

And the other little quilt is one I started after The Gathering last year.  It is quite unusual and I guess I was attracted to it cos I love anything with circles on it.  I used fabrics out of my stash and they've all gone together quite well I think.  So far it is only a top, but I have a new craft table arriving soon, so then I can pin it up and quilt it.

The Penny Quilt

We've had quite a bit of rain the past few months, but today is the first day that it's been heavy enough to prevent me and the dogs from going walking on the beach.  The dogs aren't taking it well, and come to think of it, I feel as though something is missing from my day too.  Hopefully tomorrow we can go again.  And tomorrow Rhyll will be arriving from Canberra for 5 days of holiday in Paradise.

My friend Susie has told me about a delightful little restaurant at Cygnet called Lotus I have made a booking for tomorrow for Rhyll and I to go and enjoy a delicious meal.   I must say, when Rhyll comes to visit, we do go and find some lovely eateries, and always find time to drive to Peppermint Bay for one of their absolutely, fabulously divine muffins.  I guess that will happen on Sunday or Monday.

And next week I go Mecca.  Others may call it the Quilt Show at Darling Harbour, but for me it is Mecca.  Well really, it is mini Mecca...Big Mecca would have to be Houston or Paducah.  Obviously I haven't grovelled at the Alter of Fabric sufficiently for the Grand Poobah to grant me a visit to one of the Big Mecca's yet.  But it WILL happen!  Hopefully while I am still walking :)

Now, I need to go and do a teensy bit of unpicking to get the binding right on my Yoyo quilt, and then I can get on with playing with an even newer quilt that I have on the boil just at the moment.  I'm so attracted to the lovely bright fabrics around these days, so I bought a Layer Cake of Wonderland by Momo, plus some yardage, and now I'm kind of 'designing on the run'...I hope it turns out okay.  When I think of all the patterns I have, why on earth would I decide to design my own???   No...don't answer that!


  1. Slack Tart - You'n me both! I do love your quilts, especially the yo-yo's They have a special bit of whimsy that make me smile at the sheer decorative nature.....I occasionally say Leah is purely decorative, perhaps she needs a yo-yo....something?

  2. Ooh! Love both quilts. So pretty. Hope Rhyl is having a great time.
    I was thinking of heading up to Mecca on Friday, but I am waiting, waiting, waiting for my friend to get back to me about whether I can stay or not. Two weeks I've been waiting. Maybe I should just book a damn hotel room!!
    Have a fabulous time! Maybe I'll see you there?

  3. Yes slack Tart indeed lol!
    Love your quilts - especially the Kerry G one!
    x Sarah