Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update on projects

I haven't actually made a whole lot of progress on any of my current projects, but I did start a new one which I am loving making.  It is a hexagon quilt, but I am using the Inklingo method which is incredibly accurate and fast.  No more fiddling around with papers.  Just put the fabric through the printer and there you have a heap of hexies all beautifully marked on the back of the fabric, ready to cut out and sew along the lines.  A lot of it can be sewn by machine, but I prefer to do it by hand.  But it only requires a running stitch instead of the usual whip stitching.  You can tell I'm enthused can't you! 

So I've just completed the inner part of a quilt for my bed, and here is a photo for you to see.  The inner part is diamonds, and the outer part will be circles of all different shabby colours.

Hexie quilt centre

Way back before I started on the hexies I completed block 5 of Breast of Friends.  I'm terribly behind on this project which I also love, but remind myself that it doesn't matter as I have the patterns and the fabric, so can get it done in my own time.  So here is Block 5 which took me absolutely ages to complete!

Block 5

Cute isn't it!

I thought that I might continue on with Breast of Friends for a while now, but no, I, Myself and Me have decided to do some work on another of my projects that I started a while back.  I only have the borders to do, so maybe I'll just get this little quilt completed now.

I ordered some fabric from Hancocks of Paducah today...jeez I love that store.  If I do one thing before I shift off my mortal coil, it will be to visit that store.  Anyway, the fabric is Momo which I fell in love with when I first saw it, and have been trying to resist ever since.  Well today I weakened, and spent a bit more of Mr Rudd's money.  I know, I was meant to shop in Australia with it, and I have done that for the most part, but this time the USA gets a bit, and heavens knows, it needs it too!

My other news for the past little while is that daughter Rhyll came to stay for 3 weeks of holidays which was just lovely.  We took some short trips, and did daily walks on the dog beach and that three weeks just disappeared so fast!

And in a few more short weeks, I will have my younger daughter Andrea come to stay.  Along with her husband Joel, her 2 dogs and 2 cats.  I have a tiny house, but I'm sure we will all fit in nicely.  I have been busy moving furniture around and re arranging the bedrooms so that everybody will have their own little space.  And there is also the studio out the back that is going to come in handy .  Might need a bit of heating out there though!   We don't know how long the kids will be here, it's all up to the Melbourne City council who so far, have taken almost a year to approve their house plans.  Still waiting..ho hum!  Once the plans are approved, it will be another 3 months while the house is built.  Fortunately Joel can work remotely.


  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! by the way I LOVE IT! You Rock Kali!

  2. Oh I must get back into my BOF, I have only done 2 block - I am SO far behind!
    x Sarah