Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breast of Friends Block 2

This block seemed to take me ages to complete, but then I did trip off to Melbourne to visit my daughter Andrea and her husband Joel and grandpuppies and grand kitties.  Didn't take my sewing with me as I needed a break from it.

We visited the Melbourne Zoo where Joel took some fabulous photos with his new superdooper camera.  We went into the city one day looking for beads to fuel Andrea's new passion, all things beading.  Unfortunately we only found one shop which was so overpriced that we just walked out.  I found Cleggs and bought 2 metres of a gorgeous burnout fabric to make a skirt.    On another day I bit the bullet and drove in the Melbourne traffic to Eastlands (what a hero hey!).  But it was fine.   Deliberately didn't go to AQC as I didn't want to be tempted to spend money, but have seen many photos, and perhaps I really should have gone along.  The building is amazing, and so were the quilts.  There is always next year.

I was fascinated when being driven around by Joel, with his little digital map thing with the lady telling him where and when to turn.  When I have a few dollars to spare I want to get me one of those...I reckon I would be able to drive even in New York with one of those things :)  Fabulous idea!

To go away, I had to leave the dogs with a puppy minder.  They aren't a large kennel which I would have hated using, but more an attachment to the local dog groomers establishment.  To say the dogs were happy was an understatement.  So now I shall be happy to leave them there any time I need to go away.  Or even if I want to go out for the whole day.  My princesses aren't used to being home alone, so I'll be happy to pay a few dollars to have them babysat.

So finally, here is Block 2

Breast of Friends 2 

It looks all wrinkly in the photo for some reason, but in reality it looks fine.

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  1. Welcome home Kali! I've missed you! Love block are making me feel a little guilty, I'm still working on block one! Must go and do a little more....thanks for the motivation!
    Good to hear your babies enjoyed their holiday home and you were able to enjoy yours in turn!