Thursday, March 26, 2009

Block 3 Breast Of Friends

At last I've finished Block 3 of this gorgeous quilt.  This block seemed to take me ages, until I remembered I did take a week out to sew dog coats for the dogs living in the Victorian bushfire areas.  The poor things have had to sleep outdoors since the fires and it's getting a tad chilly up in the mountains.  Barb and I made 8 gorgeous coats between us, so by now there will be 8 lucky dogs feeling a whole lot warmer at nights.

Block 3

Today my car is being serviced, so as I am stuck at home I might as well get going on Block 4 which is totally different, but enjoyable.

The dogs are totally disgusted because, of course, they haven't had their usual romp on the do you explain to a dog that occasionally the car needs to be serviced.  When I delivered the car I announced to the mechanics that the Yaris Sandpit was all look on the back seat and they understood!

It's been a big week this week.  Once a year a person diagnosed with diabetes, no matter how mild, is sent for a battery of tests which measure progress of the disease and its effects on feet, eyes etc.  A total pain in the ass, but there is no getting out of it.
And on top of that, I had a mammogram booked for this week as well.   But so far the news is all good, and if anything my results seem to be improving with time.  So that puts a nice smile on my face.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Labradoodle Kind of Day

Yesterday I took the girls off to the beach as is usual.  Beautiful day, the kind that just makes you feel glad to be alive.  Unfortunately there were no dogs on the beach.  Up and down we went with not a sign of another dog or it's master.  Huge disappointment written all over Molly's face.  So I figured we could do another lap of the beach and maybe somebody would come along.  We walked right up to the far end of the beach, and when I looked around I could see that there was indeed another dog on the beach.  And then another.

As the first dog and owner approched I saw that it was Toffee and her owner who we had met the previous day.  Toffee is a medium sized labradoodle and much darker brown than Molly is.  But a gorgeous dog and there was great excitement as the two played.  Then along comes another labradoodle and his owner.  This one was Charlie and he was a cream colour and slightly smaller than Molly. It turns out that Molly and Charlie have the same mother.  Well those three dogs (plus Ebony in the mix as well) had themselves the BEST time!  All the way down the beach they cavorted and leaped as only a labradoodle can do.

By the time we reached the end of the beach Molly was actually showing signs of weariness so I slipped on her leash and we headed back to the car.  Ebony has special priviliges (which she gave to herself) and doesn't get put on the lead until we reach the carpark.

As we were crossing the little walking bridge to get across the little river to the car, I came across yet another labradoodle.  This time a cream puppy.  I didn't look at his owner until she spoke and said hello to Molly, and asked if I remembered her.  Of course I did.  A couple of months earlier she met me in the carpark...she had been waiting for me.  She told me that she had just had to have her beloved dog put down and she just wasn't coping without a dog for company.  She said she had really fallen in love with Molly and wondered where I had gotten her.  So I told her, and we had a long talk and then I wished her well, and we parted.

She said she went home and looked up the Labradoodle website and saw that there was this little cream male for sale, the last of the litter.  So off she went up to the north of Tasmania to go and look at him.  And fell in love.   He is absolutely gorgeous and I have to say I wanted to snavell him away from her myself.  She has named him Olly...I guess she named him after Molly... as Molly had taken up such a huge chunk of her heart.   And she is just loving life with Olly so much, she was talking to me about whether she would be doing the right thing in getting another puppy which would arrive when Olly is 6 months old.  I told her to go for it...labradoodles adore canine company.  So as we parted, she was off home to look up the website again.

And this lady, whose name I still don't know, is now such a very happy woman.  And I just can't wait to watch Olly grow up, and then to see his new little buddy.

So yesterday felt like such a very special day...I loved it.  And I really must ask Olly's owner what her name is the next time I see her.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breast of Friends Block 2

This block seemed to take me ages to complete, but then I did trip off to Melbourne to visit my daughter Andrea and her husband Joel and grandpuppies and grand kitties.  Didn't take my sewing with me as I needed a break from it.

We visited the Melbourne Zoo where Joel took some fabulous photos with his new superdooper camera.  We went into the city one day looking for beads to fuel Andrea's new passion, all things beading.  Unfortunately we only found one shop which was so overpriced that we just walked out.  I found Cleggs and bought 2 metres of a gorgeous burnout fabric to make a skirt.    On another day I bit the bullet and drove in the Melbourne traffic to Eastlands (what a hero hey!).  But it was fine.   Deliberately didn't go to AQC as I didn't want to be tempted to spend money, but have seen many photos, and perhaps I really should have gone along.  The building is amazing, and so were the quilts.  There is always next year.

I was fascinated when being driven around by Joel, with his little digital map thing with the lady telling him where and when to turn.  When I have a few dollars to spare I want to get me one of those...I reckon I would be able to drive even in New York with one of those things :)  Fabulous idea!

To go away, I had to leave the dogs with a puppy minder.  They aren't a large kennel which I would have hated using, but more an attachment to the local dog groomers establishment.  To say the dogs were happy was an understatement.  So now I shall be happy to leave them there any time I need to go away.  Or even if I want to go out for the whole day.  My princesses aren't used to being home alone, so I'll be happy to pay a few dollars to have them babysat.

So finally, here is Block 2

Breast of Friends 2 

It looks all wrinkly in the photo for some reason, but in reality it looks fine.