Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now where was I????

It's been so long since I posted, that I've almost forgotten how to do it.  Life just seems to be so fullon these days that I just haven't been spending too much time at the computer.

I would think that what is uppermost in my mind at the moment, is the same as everybody in Australia...the Victorian bushfires.  What an absolute tragedy which is still continuing.  One wonders just how long it will take for all those fires to be extinguished.  To think that there are still arsonists at work lighting fresh fires just makes my blood boil.

On the homefront, I've been very busy stitching, but the largest piece I've done is a 'secrit project' so I won't be sharing that with you just yet.  I've also been stitching away on the first block of Breast of Friends...boy is there a heap of stitching in that one!  And the next mag is already in the shops, so I'll have to get a move on as I want to try to keep pace. 

The dogs are going great guns, but Ebony wasn't very well yesterday.  I think there is a bit of inflammatory stuff happens in her bowel from time to time (you really needed to know that didn't you).  Anyway a shot of antiinflammatories from the vet settles it down.  So we missed our walk at the beach yesterday, so they were extra joyful about their walk this morning.  We went at a later time than usual today, as the Beach Nazi's chewed me out about Molly last time I was there.  I had heard other people speak about these 3 women as the Beach Nazi's, but I'd never had a problem with them until a couple of days ago.  However, on that day, they decided that Molly was just too playful for their liking and they gave me hell about it.   The good thing about going at a later time, was that we found that heaps of the larger dogs who adore to run and play like loonies, go at the same time (and most had been given a tongue lashing by the nasty women at some time).

Patroling the boundary line

Here is Chanell patroling the boundary fence.  This cat has the best life a cat could have...and she knows it.

I am very proud of my younger daughter Andrea's continuing foray into jewellery making.  Her blog is
On Tuesday she went to her first Lampwork class and although it was very intensive, she loved it and hopes to set up a little workshop in her new home when it is built, so that she continue on to master the art.  Andrea is also keen to pursue silversmithing.
and I am just so delighted to see her blossom like this.  She is a very creative little soul and she feels she has finally found her forte.
And I agree.

The postie has just delivered my new issue of Homespun, so I'll be off now to devour the contents.

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