Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Wild and Windy

There is so much wind today that it's a great day to be indoors.  Though I did jump out of bed early to take the dogs for the play at the beach.  Not for any altruistic reasons of course, such as I must get my daily exercise.  Nope.  I do it because Molly heaps a guilt trip of monumental proportions onto me if she doesn't get her manic half hour at the beach.  She has gotten to be very well known down there now, and this morning as she hit the beach (I was still struggling along the bushy track that leads to the beach) I heard a chorus of "Oh here's Molly!" from the people already down there.

My younger daughter Andrea has always had a very artistic streak and has very recently begun designing and making jewellery.  When she sent me some photos of what she has been doing, I was very pleasantly surprised.


davinci loveaffair

Aren't they scrummy!     I'm really looking forward to seeing how her talent develops.  She tells me she is also designing a CD cover for somebody, as well as doing some art work for another customer.

I don't have to lot to talk about regarding my artistic endeavours.  I am halfway through appliqueing many many very tiny leaves and berries onto a block that is part of a group quilt.  

And I joined a new quilt group this week.  Very nice ladies.  I shall enjoy meeting with them each week.  I'm also about to join yet another small group.  So that takes care of my social life as I also still go to my lovely group each second Tuesday evening.

A whole slew of new projects have just been begun, or are about to be begun, and the poor old Dear Jane is taking a backseat just at the moment.  But I have discovered that it is really difficult to watch the tennis and stitch at the same time.  Very easy to watch footy, cricket or movies cos I can just watch with my ears...but with tennis I need to watch with my eyes.  Really slows down the stitching progress.

DD Rhyll is coming to visit again from Canberra for the Australia Day long weekend which is very exciting.  I haven't told the dogs yet because they will get too excited.  I pick her up on Friday from the airport.

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  1. Pass on my admiration to Andrea please, these are beautiful pieces! By now you will be in full swing with Rhyll's visit, have a wonderful weekend! Julie xxx