Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have a good friend who travels to Antarctica regularly as part of her work in studying penguins at The Antarctic Division here at Blackmans Bay.  This year Barb will be away for three months, two of which have already passed…how time flies.

They have quite a comfy base down there and the staff work hard to keep everybody entertained in their offduty hours.  Christmas is always a huge affair, and Barb sent me some piccies of the day this year.  They chose a tiny little Santa with big strapping guys as his elves.  And as you can see, Santa arrived in style in his ‘sled’.

Santa is coming

Santa's ride

Santa & elves

A few days earlier a bit of a snow storm was starting to happen.

window view

This is one of the penguin colonies at Amanda Bay.

Amanda Bay_29 Nov 09

It’s been as hot as hell here today (35) which doesn’t happen too often in Tassie.  So I’ve been entertaining myself looking at all the snow photos Barb has sent me.   During the afternoon she phoned me and told me it was about –2 degrees…sounds pretty good to me!

Happy New Year everybody!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lunch With A Visiting Scquilter


Yesterday I received an email from Anne Saunders who is currently travelling around Tasmania with her husband Bob, letting me know she had two more days in Hobart and could we meet up.   Well I don’t need to be asked twice to go and have a chat with a fellow scquilter, so we arranged to have lunch at The Dome Cafe at Sandy Bay.

I had previously met Anne when she still lived in Buderim and hosted a Scquilters lunch that we both remembered vividly as it was such a fun day.  But it was only weeks after that day that Anne suffered an aneurism and we nearly lost her.   After that we both moved interstate and life took us in various directions, but here we were having lunch today and having a great time reminiscing, sharing stories, discussing our quilting sagas. 

Anne had with her the 140 hearts she received during her recovery time, and I have to say, I had chills down my spine looking at the truly beautiful hearts that so many wonderful women sent to her.  Anne is still deciding how she wants to assemble the hearts, but they sure are going to make a beautiful quilt.

Lunch with Anne

The View From My Sewing Studio

As promised to my friends on Scquilters, here are a couple of photos of the view I enjoy from my sewing studio. Actually 'studio' sounds a bit grand doesn't it...I usually call it the cabin.

I took one photo yesterday evening and the other is taken this morning. If you look closely at the one taken this morning you can see some of the smaller boats in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race sailing up towards the finishing line. There has been a constant procession of them this morning which has been lovely to see. Though they have been sticking to the far side of the river, which is a long way away, making it impossible to see which boats they are. Every year I tell myself I will buy some binoculars...hasn't happened yet.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Excitement!

As many can attest, I am rather technically challenged. Others would say I am challenged in many more departments than just the technical one. But I digress.
The reason I changed my blog back to the Blogger site is that it seemed easier to make changes to the appearance of my blog than on the Typepad site.

For some reason, when I transferred my Typepad blog to this one, I can only see half of each photo, but I'm not too concerned about that. Especially when I have just succeeded in making my blog look pretty....clever me! And, I just put up a new photo in the About Me section...explaining where the name of my blog comes from. See here..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Successfully moved House

Thanks to daughter Rhyll, all my entries on Typepad have now been moved across to Blogger. Now to work out how to make my blog pretty.

I thought I would show you an oil painting that Rhyll has completed this week..I love it to bits!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends, I hope you truly enjoy your day tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I've decided to move my blog to Blogger. You will find me at my new address

I hope you will come and visit me there.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving to a New Address

I've decided to move my blog to Blogger because I've spent so many hours knocking my head against a brick wall in an attempt to make Typepad work the way I wanted it to. I realise I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to computers, but at least if I'm using Blogger, and I can't do something, then I can ask somebody who does know. I have my fingers crossed that this idea will work for me. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Flaunt

This week I completed Block 4 of my BOM from Material Obsession by Sue Ross.  Lot's of set in seams, but I found it went together really easily.

MO Block 4 

Amazing fabric choices, and would never have chosen them myself, but I actually do like it.

I've also been working away on my black redwork stitchery that I wrote about in the last post, as well as doing the next block of my Kim McLean quilt that I also mentioned in the previous post.  And as though all that wasn't enough, the fabric panel from Folklorique jumped out and grabbed me yesterday, so I've begun working on making a fairly simple wallhanging with it.

Aside from stitching, my world has been full of good news this week.  First my younger daughter and DH found rental accom in Melbourne where they can take their 4 pets, so that they can get down to the business of buying a home after their house building dreams came to nothing.  I was quite convinced they would never find a rental that would allow all their pets, but it just goes to show that there are some understanding landlords in the world.

Then eldest daughter has now had two approaches workwise.  Her old boss wants to hire her to work remotely cos nobody else can do what she does...and a new employer is also interested in her.

Then today...went to the doc for my 3monthly diabetic checkup.  He is my new doc cos my regular doc left to have a baby.  He has a very good reputation and I was keen to have a more experienced doc.  I walked in, sat down, he looks at me and says that I don't have diabetes and I never did.  At the worst I have a mild case of insulin resistance.  Halla-bloody-lulia!!!!  It's what I've been saying all along.

My numbers have been too perfect for somebody with diabetes.  So no more 3 monthly visits, and a million other checkups.  I'm just a normal person now...and that feels so good :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two new projects

I have to say that since the weather finally warmed up here in Tassie I haven't done a whole lot of stitching.  More time is being spent at the beach with the dogs and the lovely people I've become friends with on the beach.  And the garden has also claimed a lot of my attention.  Today I had 8 bales of pea straw delivered to put on the garden.  It's a great way to keep the moisture in the soil, plus it is highly nutritious...and the worms love the stuff!

For my birthday in October my daughter Rhyll gave me a gorgeous pattern by Crabapple Hill which I have talked about previously.  Well, I have completed the first large block of it and I'm really happy with how it is going.  I was able to buy Cosmo Threads from The Quilters Store in Brisbane which I have loved working with, and I'm working on aged muslin..... so far the whole thing has been a pleasure to make.  I have the next block all traced out and ready to go now.

Over river 1 

The other project I'm working on is a quilt by Kim McLean called Flowerpots.  I decided that this quilt was going to be made on the machine and I must say I'm enjoying how quickly a block can be made this way.   I'm often quite hard on myself for using machine buttonhole, but I decided to get over it and just enjoy playing with the gorgeous Kaffe fabrics.  So here is my first block.

Kims Quilt 1

Yesterday I also cut out the pieces for the MO Sue Ross BOM...again, gorgeous colours, and I hope to have this one stitched up in a day or two.  (Depends on how involved I become with laying down pea straw!)

My friend Barb who works at The Antarctic Division sent me this photo a day or two ago.  This is her finally arriving at her destination (Davis)after a rather long ship voyage on the Aurora Australia.  Isn't it amazing that these days somebody bobbing up and down on a little ship enroute to the Antarctic can still keep in touch with the outside world via internet.  I heard all about Orcha mother and baby sightings, counting ice bergs, seeing the first pengies (Barb is a Penguinologist), about how helicopters had to be sent up to try to find a way through the hard ice.  And all about the fabulous food the chiefs on board were serving up meal after meal!   I'm looking forward to hearing all about life in the Antarctic for the next couple of months...I really do find it quite exciting.   So here is Barb. She is a tiny little firecracker, and still manages to look great in all that extreme weather clobber.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost a Lost Dog

It's been one of those days folks, where the unexpected keeps happening.  It started this morning while I was walking my dogs on the beach as I do every morning.  We three were at the far end of the beach for the second time when suddenly Miss Molly just wasn't there!

I quickly walked around the big rock to make sure she wasn't there.  Nope...not there.   Nobody else had seen her disappear either.  Molly is just always close by!  Anyway, I figured there was only one way she could have gone, and that was back to the start of the beach (and hopefully not across the bridge and onto the main road :(

I walked as fast as my arthriticy little feet would allow, Miss Ebony in tow.  Even if I could run, there was no way I could keep up with Molly as she runs like the wind.  Staying calm..deep breathing...happy thoughts.  Got to the end of the beach and still no Molly.  But looked up and saw my friend Marina crossing the bridge with Molly in tow on the end of a leash.  Marina had found Molly running down the Esplanade (no doubt looking for my car).  Thankfully Molly knows Marina and came to her...but we are all still totally bewildered as to why she did a runner.   I'm sure even Molly wouldn't know the answer to that one...she has days when she is just plain fizzy!

Anyway, I was so darned happy to be reunited with her that it didn't even cross my mind to be cross with her.  Darned dog!

When I got home I decided I would get out the weed spray as the front garden was totally overgrown with weeds.  Used up the whole bottle and retired into the house for a cuppa.   Did a million other things during the day, and went outside to do some more gardening.  Glanced at the 'weedspray' bottle, and suddenly realised I had done my weeding this morning with bug spray...How dumb is that!!!!!

I will have the healthiest weeds in the street.   As I said to my daughter, it pays to have a sense of humour as you grow older and the brain goes into semi retirement.

Anyway, enough of that.  I finished block 3 of the MO Sue Ross it is

MO Block 3 

I am presently attempting to quilt a Robyn Pandolph designed Christmas quilt.  I detest quilting and don't do it very well, and am so slow at the whole deal.  Would love to be able to afford to have professional quilting done on all my quilts...I can dream.  Here it is so far.

Christmas quilt

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Great Day at The Gathering

Finally the weather here has warmed up and I've been out in the garden scratching around like a mother hen.  With all the rain we've had the weeds have created a jungle.  But it is wonderful to see flowers appearing on the roses and all kinds of other plants are flowering too.  For the first time I've planted lettuce and begun harvesting it, and the tomatoes look as though they are ready to go crazy too.  I've also planted a deep pink Magnolia tree, and four Silver my yard really will begin to look like a jungle soon.  I'm following Jackie French's theory that if you plant enough plants, there is no room for weeks to grow.  Still a way to go with that though.

I'm slowly quilting a wallhanging.  I've used dubious batting and all I can say is 'never again'.  Everything is slipping around like a drunk...and all because I was too lazy to go to the store and buy some decent cotton batting..tsk tsk.

Twice a year the girls at The Quilted Crow organise a lovely day at the old hall out at Campania, and yesterday was the Christmas/Halloween event.  It was really the Christmas one, but as the day was also Halloween and Deirdre is a Halloween nutter, we all played along with that.  The guest tutors this time were Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley and what a really lovely and fun pair they are.  Friends since they were 14 years old, they worked together as a fabulous team and had the whole room buzzing with fun and excitement.

It was also fabulous to hear a little bit about Leonie and Deirdre's recent trip to Houston.  Though I kinda think that a lot of what happened at Houston stayed at Houston!

I attended with my friends Michelle and Angie and Sue.  Barb would have been with us, but her ship to Antarctica departed on the previous day as she is about to do further research with her beloved penguins. So here are a few piccies for you Barb, and for my other dear friends reading my blog.

I didn't get any photo's of the whole room which was decorated with a Christmas theme, but in this first shot you get a great view of some of the quilts that lined the stage, and Leonie is about to introduce Leanne to us.

Leanne and Leonie 

As you can see I was peering through the Goodie Bags.  Next photo is one of Mystery girl Michelle and Angie who were fun company for the day.

Mystery Michelle and Angie 

And you can also see a couple of Rosie's quilts hanging behind the girls.

Next comes a photo of THE most gorgeous little bear that Michelle had just finished making.  She is only 2" tall or even less, and the detail on this beautiful bear is absolutely amazing.  I have sat her on a smallish reel of cotton so you can gauge how tiny she is.

Tiny Bear 

When Rosalie and Leanne visited our table and were introduced to Tiny Bear (as I call her, as she is unnamed), they just couldn't believe their eyes.

Rosie and Leanne 

Isn't that the most wonderful photo of Rosie and Leanne?  I love it.  Mind you, Sue in the background will probably shoot me for not cropping her out of the photo...sorry Sue!   You can also see a couple of Leanne's quilts hanging on the far wall.  Silly me forgot to take more photos of the quilts...was too busy just having a good time :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

My completed yoyo quilt

I saw this little quilt on a magazine cover many moons ago and just thought it was a little bit cheeky and just begged to be made.I whipped up the quilt in no time at all, but it took me quite a bit longer to be bothered sewing on all those little yoyo's.  But it happened finally this past week, and here is the finished quilt.

Yoyo quilt

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Block Finished

I haven't done very much stitching since my last post as I was really ill with flu.  But since my recovery I have completed Block 2 of my Sue Ross BOM through Material Obsession.  I am totally loving the wild colours in the fabric the girls send me as they really appeal to my inner 'wild child'.   I must say that I totally freaked when I first saw the block that was to be done as I'm such a hit and miss kind of a girl.  However by treating all those bias edges very carefully and thinking twice before taking every step, I've managed to pull it off.  I'm quite chuffed with myself!

Sue Ross Block 2

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something to Show...Finally!

It would appear that I've done very little for quite a long time, but if you know me well, you would know that I've been quietly plugging away at many different projects and eventually three of them have come to a close.  I'm actually very happy with each of these quilts and the pillow.

But before I go on, I must tell you all what a truly fabulous short stay I had in Brisbane earlier this month.  I caught up with 3 of my besties which was so wonderful!   I stayed with the lovely Lynette who took care of me so so well.  Lynette had me eating out for every single meal which was divine as a special treat (I still daydream about those fabulous waffles for brekky Lynette...when I'm not daydreaming about the amazing breakfast we had, ostensibly celebrating Fathers' Day.)

On day one we visited our friend Karen's beautiful quilt shop The Quilters Store, now at Salisbury.  And there we met up with Julie D. who came all the way from Ipswich...thankyou so much for doing that Julie!  Talk about a gabfest before we got around to doing some serious looking at the fabulous merchanise.  My tiny brain just wouldn't stand still with all the excitement, but I did manage to bring home quite a few lovelies from the store.  It was so lovely to meet again with Karen's daughter Leah who is looking so wonderfully well now following her kidney transplant. This was followed by a calorie laden lunch...yummm!  And this in turn was followed by an evening spent with Lynette's friends at their regular Friday stitching evening.

Unfortunately Karen was on holidays when we visited her store, but we had already arranged to visit her at her holiday home on the North Coast.  Karen was busy sewing up shop samples and we saw some of the most fabulous ideas for using honey buns.  I'm definitely going to make some cushions very soon.  It was soo good to catch up on so much news from Karen too.  I really don't think any of us has changed one bit...still fabulous, only looking younger :)

Next day was Fathers' Day.  And following the fabulous brekky, it was off to Carindale.  We spent 6 hours there till we were finally thrown out at closing time.  But several pairs of should were bought, not to mention Christmas and birthday pressies.  Lynette and I had a ball!

Monday saw me flying back home to beautiful it was to fly over my new hometown.  And as soon as I hit the ground I got busy putting the bindings onto the two quilts that I'd just had quilted by Maree Kennedy.  She did a wonderful job on my little quilts.

But first, here is the cushion I made for friend Barb's birthday gift.
Barb's cushion

Next is a little lap quilt I have made for my friend Susie...I hope she likes it.  It has very cute little embroideries on it.
Susie's quilt
Susie's quilt 2
And last, this is my version of a quilt designed by Kerrie Gillespie...I made it completely from my stash and I love it.
Memories 1 Memories 2

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sue Ross BOM

When Material Obsession announced their new Block of the Month by Sue Ross I was very intrigued.  It promised blocks with all sorts of techniques that would most likely be new to us.  And as I am a huge fan of the wild colour combinations that come out of Material Obsession I decided that I would love to join in the fun.

When the first package arrived in the mail and I saw what the first block was, I quickly wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew.  But launched into doing the block and it was a most enjoyable process.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what the later blocks will entail. 

So here is the result of lots of angst, nail biting and self doubt...tadaaa!

Sue Ross BOM 1

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Foot Lives Here.

A little while back my daughter Andrea and Son In Law Joel came to stay at my place while their new house is being built.  Could take a while as the local council is still sitting on their plans.  Anyhooo, we are all getting along just fine, as are our assorted dogs and cats...4 dogs and 3 cats.

Joel has a very fetching pair of slippers that he likes to wear around and which scares hell out of my cat.....

Big Foot Understandable really, isn't it.

Also, I bought fabrics from the Wonderland range which I lovely and bright.   I've begun working on designing my own quilt with it.  I guess what would be the sensible way to do it would be to draw up a pattern.  But I'm just winging it and sending up a little prayer now and then that it will end up looking okay.

Shortage of space is the main problem at the moment, with nowhere to spread the quilt out.  I guess I'll end up sticking a sheet up on the wall in the hallway so that I can see where I'm going with it.

Then I shall probably have to book a day at my sewing machine.  Andrea is learning to sew on it at the moment and rather loves the novelty of it.  Sooner or later she will have her own machine though.  I'm awfully pleased that at least one of my daughters is learning to sew.


Friday, June 5, 2009

I've Been a Slack Tart

I know I've been a slack tart, cos my adoring fans keep telling me so!  So just to keep you happy for a little longer here are a couple of photos of the quilts I've been working on lately.

The first is one I call the Yoyo quilt for obvious reasons.  I've really enjoyed working with these lovely fresh, bright colours.  Not so enjoyable is sewing on all those yoyo' fact I'm thinking it now has all the yoyo's it's going to ever have.

Yoyo quilt

And the other little quilt is one I started after The Gathering last year.  It is quite unusual and I guess I was attracted to it cos I love anything with circles on it.  I used fabrics out of my stash and they've all gone together quite well I think.  So far it is only a top, but I have a new craft table arriving soon, so then I can pin it up and quilt it.

The Penny Quilt

We've had quite a bit of rain the past few months, but today is the first day that it's been heavy enough to prevent me and the dogs from going walking on the beach.  The dogs aren't taking it well, and come to think of it, I feel as though something is missing from my day too.  Hopefully tomorrow we can go again.  And tomorrow Rhyll will be arriving from Canberra for 5 days of holiday in Paradise.

My friend Susie has told me about a delightful little restaurant at Cygnet called Lotus I have made a booking for tomorrow for Rhyll and I to go and enjoy a delicious meal.   I must say, when Rhyll comes to visit, we do go and find some lovely eateries, and always find time to drive to Peppermint Bay for one of their absolutely, fabulously divine muffins.  I guess that will happen on Sunday or Monday.

And next week I go Mecca.  Others may call it the Quilt Show at Darling Harbour, but for me it is Mecca.  Well really, it is mini Mecca...Big Mecca would have to be Houston or Paducah.  Obviously I haven't grovelled at the Alter of Fabric sufficiently for the Grand Poobah to grant me a visit to one of the Big Mecca's yet.  But it WILL happen!  Hopefully while I am still walking :)

Now, I need to go and do a teensy bit of unpicking to get the binding right on my Yoyo quilt, and then I can get on with playing with an even newer quilt that I have on the boil just at the moment.  I'm so attracted to the lovely bright fabrics around these days, so I bought a Layer Cake of Wonderland by Momo, plus some yardage, and now I'm kind of 'designing on the run'...I hope it turns out okay.  When I think of all the patterns I have, why on earth would I decide to design my own???   No...don't answer that!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update on projects

I haven't actually made a whole lot of progress on any of my current projects, but I did start a new one which I am loving making.  It is a hexagon quilt, but I am using the Inklingo method which is incredibly accurate and fast.  No more fiddling around with papers.  Just put the fabric through the printer and there you have a heap of hexies all beautifully marked on the back of the fabric, ready to cut out and sew along the lines.  A lot of it can be sewn by machine, but I prefer to do it by hand.  But it only requires a running stitch instead of the usual whip stitching.  You can tell I'm enthused can't you! 

So I've just completed the inner part of a quilt for my bed, and here is a photo for you to see.  The inner part is diamonds, and the outer part will be circles of all different shabby colours.

Hexie quilt centre

Way back before I started on the hexies I completed block 5 of Breast of Friends.  I'm terribly behind on this project which I also love, but remind myself that it doesn't matter as I have the patterns and the fabric, so can get it done in my own time.  So here is Block 5 which took me absolutely ages to complete!

Block 5

Cute isn't it!

I thought that I might continue on with Breast of Friends for a while now, but no, I, Myself and Me have decided to do some work on another of my projects that I started a while back.  I only have the borders to do, so maybe I'll just get this little quilt completed now.

I ordered some fabric from Hancocks of Paducah today...jeez I love that store.  If I do one thing before I shift off my mortal coil, it will be to visit that store.  Anyway, the fabric is Momo which I fell in love with when I first saw it, and have been trying to resist ever since.  Well today I weakened, and spent a bit more of Mr Rudd's money.  I know, I was meant to shop in Australia with it, and I have done that for the most part, but this time the USA gets a bit, and heavens knows, it needs it too!

My other news for the past little while is that daughter Rhyll came to stay for 3 weeks of holidays which was just lovely.  We took some short trips, and did daily walks on the dog beach and that three weeks just disappeared so fast!

And in a few more short weeks, I will have my younger daughter Andrea come to stay.  Along with her husband Joel, her 2 dogs and 2 cats.  I have a tiny house, but I'm sure we will all fit in nicely.  I have been busy moving furniture around and re arranging the bedrooms so that everybody will have their own little space.  And there is also the studio out the back that is going to come in handy .  Might need a bit of heating out there though!   We don't know how long the kids will be here, it's all up to the Melbourne City council who so far, have taken almost a year to approve their house plans.  Still waiting..ho hum!  Once the plans are approved, it will be another 3 months while the house is built.  Fortunately Joel can work remotely.

Gone to the dogs

I know!  It's been eons since I last posted.  Life has been busy, but not 'that' busy!  I put it down to the fact that Miss Molly totally objects to me sitting for too long at the computer.  Now that I have realised why I am being so tardy with replying to emails and entering rivetting news on my blog, I shall endeavour to ignore her, and get on with my computer life.

Of course I shall cover the dog news first!

While my friend Susie has been away, I have been having her puppy Labradoodle named Olly (Ollie?) over the play a few times a week.  The three dogs go absolutely nuts for several hours and then they all collapse in a heap.  They are so much fun to watch, but I'm exhausted when play time is over.  So first there is a shot of the dogs hard at play.

Molly Olly and Ebony

It took me a really long time to get a photo of Olly's face as he moves so fast.  But finally I got one slightly fuzzy shot of his very cute face.

When all the play is finished Molly puts a lot of effort into relaxing.
Relaxed Molly
And to cap off a perfect day, I finally was able to take an absolutely gorgeous photo of Ebony where you can actually see her cute little face.  Because she is black, her photo's usually make her look like a lump of coal.
Miss Ebony

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Block 3 Breast Of Friends

At last I've finished Block 3 of this gorgeous quilt.  This block seemed to take me ages, until I remembered I did take a week out to sew dog coats for the dogs living in the Victorian bushfire areas.  The poor things have had to sleep outdoors since the fires and it's getting a tad chilly up in the mountains.  Barb and I made 8 gorgeous coats between us, so by now there will be 8 lucky dogs feeling a whole lot warmer at nights.

Block 3

Today my car is being serviced, so as I am stuck at home I might as well get going on Block 4 which is totally different, but enjoyable.

The dogs are totally disgusted because, of course, they haven't had their usual romp on the do you explain to a dog that occasionally the car needs to be serviced.  When I delivered the car I announced to the mechanics that the Yaris Sandpit was all look on the back seat and they understood!

It's been a big week this week.  Once a year a person diagnosed with diabetes, no matter how mild, is sent for a battery of tests which measure progress of the disease and its effects on feet, eyes etc.  A total pain in the ass, but there is no getting out of it.
And on top of that, I had a mammogram booked for this week as well.   But so far the news is all good, and if anything my results seem to be improving with time.  So that puts a nice smile on my face.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Labradoodle Kind of Day

Yesterday I took the girls off to the beach as is usual.  Beautiful day, the kind that just makes you feel glad to be alive.  Unfortunately there were no dogs on the beach.  Up and down we went with not a sign of another dog or it's master.  Huge disappointment written all over Molly's face.  So I figured we could do another lap of the beach and maybe somebody would come along.  We walked right up to the far end of the beach, and when I looked around I could see that there was indeed another dog on the beach.  And then another.

As the first dog and owner approched I saw that it was Toffee and her owner who we had met the previous day.  Toffee is a medium sized labradoodle and much darker brown than Molly is.  But a gorgeous dog and there was great excitement as the two played.  Then along comes another labradoodle and his owner.  This one was Charlie and he was a cream colour and slightly smaller than Molly. It turns out that Molly and Charlie have the same mother.  Well those three dogs (plus Ebony in the mix as well) had themselves the BEST time!  All the way down the beach they cavorted and leaped as only a labradoodle can do.

By the time we reached the end of the beach Molly was actually showing signs of weariness so I slipped on her leash and we headed back to the car.  Ebony has special priviliges (which she gave to herself) and doesn't get put on the lead until we reach the carpark.

As we were crossing the little walking bridge to get across the little river to the car, I came across yet another labradoodle.  This time a cream puppy.  I didn't look at his owner until she spoke and said hello to Molly, and asked if I remembered her.  Of course I did.  A couple of months earlier she met me in the carpark...she had been waiting for me.  She told me that she had just had to have her beloved dog put down and she just wasn't coping without a dog for company.  She said she had really fallen in love with Molly and wondered where I had gotten her.  So I told her, and we had a long talk and then I wished her well, and we parted.

She said she went home and looked up the Labradoodle website and saw that there was this little cream male for sale, the last of the litter.  So off she went up to the north of Tasmania to go and look at him.  And fell in love.   He is absolutely gorgeous and I have to say I wanted to snavell him away from her myself.  She has named him Olly...I guess she named him after Molly... as Molly had taken up such a huge chunk of her heart.   And she is just loving life with Olly so much, she was talking to me about whether she would be doing the right thing in getting another puppy which would arrive when Olly is 6 months old.  I told her to go for it...labradoodles adore canine company.  So as we parted, she was off home to look up the website again.

And this lady, whose name I still don't know, is now such a very happy woman.  And I just can't wait to watch Olly grow up, and then to see his new little buddy.

So yesterday felt like such a very special day...I loved it.  And I really must ask Olly's owner what her name is the next time I see her.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breast of Friends Block 2

This block seemed to take me ages to complete, but then I did trip off to Melbourne to visit my daughter Andrea and her husband Joel and grandpuppies and grand kitties.  Didn't take my sewing with me as I needed a break from it.

We visited the Melbourne Zoo where Joel took some fabulous photos with his new superdooper camera.  We went into the city one day looking for beads to fuel Andrea's new passion, all things beading.  Unfortunately we only found one shop which was so overpriced that we just walked out.  I found Cleggs and bought 2 metres of a gorgeous burnout fabric to make a skirt.    On another day I bit the bullet and drove in the Melbourne traffic to Eastlands (what a hero hey!).  But it was fine.   Deliberately didn't go to AQC as I didn't want to be tempted to spend money, but have seen many photos, and perhaps I really should have gone along.  The building is amazing, and so were the quilts.  There is always next year.

I was fascinated when being driven around by Joel, with his little digital map thing with the lady telling him where and when to turn.  When I have a few dollars to spare I want to get me one of those...I reckon I would be able to drive even in New York with one of those things :)  Fabulous idea!

To go away, I had to leave the dogs with a puppy minder.  They aren't a large kennel which I would have hated using, but more an attachment to the local dog groomers establishment.  To say the dogs were happy was an understatement.  So now I shall be happy to leave them there any time I need to go away.  Or even if I want to go out for the whole day.  My princesses aren't used to being home alone, so I'll be happy to pay a few dollars to have them babysat.

So finally, here is Block 2

Breast of Friends 2 

It looks all wrinkly in the photo for some reason, but in reality it looks fine.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Breast Of Friends

Yesterday I finally completed the first block of Breast of Friends which is the Block of the Month in Homespun magazine.  I had already purchased the fabrics that they used, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to use them, as I'd not earmarked them for anything else.   I love how the block has turned out.

Block 1

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now where was I????

It's been so long since I posted, that I've almost forgotten how to do it.  Life just seems to be so fullon these days that I just haven't been spending too much time at the computer.

I would think that what is uppermost in my mind at the moment, is the same as everybody in Australia...the Victorian bushfires.  What an absolute tragedy which is still continuing.  One wonders just how long it will take for all those fires to be extinguished.  To think that there are still arsonists at work lighting fresh fires just makes my blood boil.

On the homefront, I've been very busy stitching, but the largest piece I've done is a 'secrit project' so I won't be sharing that with you just yet.  I've also been stitching away on the first block of Breast of Friends...boy is there a heap of stitching in that one!  And the next mag is already in the shops, so I'll have to get a move on as I want to try to keep pace. 

The dogs are going great guns, but Ebony wasn't very well yesterday.  I think there is a bit of inflammatory stuff happens in her bowel from time to time (you really needed to know that didn't you).  Anyway a shot of antiinflammatories from the vet settles it down.  So we missed our walk at the beach yesterday, so they were extra joyful about their walk this morning.  We went at a later time than usual today, as the Beach Nazi's chewed me out about Molly last time I was there.  I had heard other people speak about these 3 women as the Beach Nazi's, but I'd never had a problem with them until a couple of days ago.  However, on that day, they decided that Molly was just too playful for their liking and they gave me hell about it.   The good thing about going at a later time, was that we found that heaps of the larger dogs who adore to run and play like loonies, go at the same time (and most had been given a tongue lashing by the nasty women at some time).

Patroling the boundary line

Here is Chanell patroling the boundary fence.  This cat has the best life a cat could have...and she knows it.

I am very proud of my younger daughter Andrea's continuing foray into jewellery making.  Her blog is
On Tuesday she went to her first Lampwork class and although it was very intensive, she loved it and hopes to set up a little workshop in her new home when it is built, so that she continue on to master the art.  Andrea is also keen to pursue silversmithing.
and I am just so delighted to see her blossom like this.  She is a very creative little soul and she feels she has finally found her forte.
And I agree.

The postie has just delivered my new issue of Homespun, so I'll be off now to devour the contents.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Wild and Windy

There is so much wind today that it's a great day to be indoors.  Though I did jump out of bed early to take the dogs for the play at the beach.  Not for any altruistic reasons of course, such as I must get my daily exercise.  Nope.  I do it because Molly heaps a guilt trip of monumental proportions onto me if she doesn't get her manic half hour at the beach.  She has gotten to be very well known down there now, and this morning as she hit the beach (I was still struggling along the bushy track that leads to the beach) I heard a chorus of "Oh here's Molly!" from the people already down there.

My younger daughter Andrea has always had a very artistic streak and has very recently begun designing and making jewellery.  When she sent me some photos of what she has been doing, I was very pleasantly surprised.


davinci loveaffair

Aren't they scrummy!     I'm really looking forward to seeing how her talent develops.  She tells me she is also designing a CD cover for somebody, as well as doing some art work for another customer.

I don't have to lot to talk about regarding my artistic endeavours.  I am halfway through appliqueing many many very tiny leaves and berries onto a block that is part of a group quilt.  

And I joined a new quilt group this week.  Very nice ladies.  I shall enjoy meeting with them each week.  I'm also about to join yet another small group.  So that takes care of my social life as I also still go to my lovely group each second Tuesday evening.

A whole slew of new projects have just been begun, or are about to be begun, and the poor old Dear Jane is taking a backseat just at the moment.  But I have discovered that it is really difficult to watch the tennis and stitch at the same time.  Very easy to watch footy, cricket or movies cos I can just watch with my ears...but with tennis I need to watch with my eyes.  Really slows down the stitching progress.

DD Rhyll is coming to visit again from Canberra for the Australia Day long weekend which is very exciting.  I haven't told the dogs yet because they will get too excited.  I pick her up on Friday from the airport.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another fabulous project

The great new projects just keep right on coming for this year.  I bought the new Homespun magazine yesterday and was absolutely delighted with several of the projects in it.  But my absolute 'must do' is Breast of Friends which will be presented over 6 months.  It has designs from all our Aussie designers, and best of all, it features the fabric line In The Pink II by The Buggy Barn.  Now I just happened to purchase all of these fabrics as soon as they came onto the market and have been waiting for just the right project to use them.  And now I rather do think I have found it.

These photos show the fabric range and the first of the designs.

In The Pink II

Breast of Friends

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh Happy Days!

Yup, I'm bopping around the sewing room singing Oh Happy Days cos I'm excited about a new project for the first time in a very long time.  For a little while there, I thought I was losing it (my patchworking obsession I mean).  Nothing inspired me.  There has been a rash of new free BOM projects, each of which I would excitedly read about and then just go cold on the whole project.  I'm not interested in cutting up a million little pieces of fabric and sewing them all together...been there, done that.   A couple of applique projects caught my interest for a little while, but no, they weren't what I was looking for either.  And then yesterday, wonder of wonders, I totally fell in love.  With a project of course, not a bloke!!!    My god, I'm not THAT crazy!

On my Bloglines, I saw that there was a new blog posting from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs   I adore Anne's designs and love reading her blog, so I nearly jumped right out of my skin with excitement when she said that she was running a free BOM this year and that the first block had been posted.  Oh be still my beating heart!   So I took a little peek at the first design and knew that this just had to be a project for me this year.  It is adorable (as you would expect from from Anne).

So this morning I have been happily rummaging through the old stash finding just the right fabrics to begin working on block 1 which I will do in needleturn.  I don't have a piece of white felt, so I've put the call out to my friends for a teensy piece 3" square if they have one.

So while I've been busy sulking about not feeling inspired about sewing, you'll notice that I also haven't been blogging.  So I'll take this moment to wish you a Very Happy New Year.  Don't pay any attention to all the doom and gloom being predicted for this year.  Your year will be what you make of it.  Okay, so that got my little lecture out of the way too.

I had a wonderful Christmas/New Year week as my older daughter Rhyll came to stay for the week.  We didn't feel like doing any of the touristy things down here, so we decided one day to take the dogs to the dog beach at Kingston.  Well!  Was that ever fun!!  For us and the dogs.  From then on we kept going each day till Rhyll returned home to Canberra.  Molly didn't seem to think that Rhyll's departure was a reason to stop going to the beach and she can be mightily pursuasive!  So heart in mouth, off I trotted to the beach with Molly and Ebony...and it was fabulous!  I love it!  Every morning we bolt our brekky down and off to the beach we go for fun, fresh air, doggy smells, sand between our toes, lots of running (the dogs not me).  I meet lots of lovely people down there to chat to while our dogs go nuts.  So I can see us going down there daily for a very long time to come.  I tried to take piccies, but it's all a bit too frantic to do that successfully.  I'll have another go one day.

We've had gale force winds a lot down here, hence summer still hasn't really arrived.  Yesterday I looked out the window to see my poor roses being battered by the wind, so I went out and brought some of them inside.  Beautiful aren't they.

I was rummaging around out in the cabin/studio/shed (it is called various names according  to whatever comes to mind) and found this little wallhanging I made years ago.  I made it as a place where I could attach all the various pins, badges etc that I collected from friends, from shows, etc.  I thought it was a great idea rather than losing them or just throwing them out for want of an idea of what to do with them all.  So now I shall continue to find little items to decorate with.  It is now on the wall in my sewing room.

And last, but not least, as it is the only sewing I've done lately, here are seven little blocks I've made of the third row of my Dear Jane quilt.