Monday, December 8, 2008

What Was I Thinking!

Recently I decided that I would like to hand quilt my Shabby Jane and do it Quilt As You Go.  This is somewhat a departure from the norm from me, as I always say 'Life is too short for handquilting'.  However, carried away by a heady rush, and encouragement received from the lovely ladies from the American Dear Jane group that I joined, I hand basted the first two rows of my blocks and settled down to start the quilting.  Well!!!!!!  What with only ever having done a very small amount of handquilting in my life, plus all those seams in most of each block, my stitches looked more like tacking stitches than quilting stitches.  And the harder I tried, and no matter which way I held my tongue, my stitching was deplorable.  I knew I could never love my Shabby Jane if she was quilted like this.  So after a little thought, and realising I was only dreaming if I thought I would hand quilt her, I removed all the stitching, folded her up and carefully put her back in her box.  It was a nice dream while it lasted, but I know I'll be much happier to pay a professional quilter to do the job for me.  There are several in Australia who have quilted Dear Jane quilts, so I know she'll be in safe hands.

So what did I achieve last week?  Bugger all really!  But I did get the curtains finished for the front bedroom which is where I keep my stash, cut, make decisions and spend endless time on the computer.  I wanted a fabric that would not dominate the room, and would allow in plenty of light when partially open.  So I chose this quilt backing and used a thermal backing, and I'm very happy with the result.

While I was in Spotlight buying the termal backing I went snooping around to see if they had anything I liked for my bedroom.  And I found a really gorgeous fabric, a nice slubby linen look fabric and very wide with a pale aqual background and big shabby roses on it.  Perfect!  And only $5 per metre...even more perfect!!   So that will be my next job but it can wait until after Christmas now.

I'm pleased to report that there have been no further cases of destruction of quilts or furniture lately.  I'm not sure if Miss Ebony has learned that it doesn't please me, or if I'm getting very adept at just not giving her the chance.  The destruction only happened when I was away from the house, so now I either put the dogs outside with something good to chew on, or put them into their crate...again with something good to chew on.


  1. The curtains are looking good! Unlike you my DJ is only in my head, but thanks for the hand quilting - not tip!

  2. Lovely curtains. The fabric is so beautiful.
    I think you have the right plan for quilting your DJ LOL.. Though if you look at it as a learning curve you could improve your hand quilting skills as you go ;))
    If I could find a good machine quilter in the UK I would probably consider it too but then it would also cost an arm and a leg.... nay make that both arms and legs,lol. Not sure what I'm going to do. I may use a combo of machine and hand quilting.