Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kitty Haiku

This was sent to me by my friend Michelle but I have no idea who the author is.

Cat Haiku

You never feed me.
Perhaps I’ll sleep on your face.
That will show

You must scratch me there!
Yes, above my tail!
Behold, elevator

I need a new toy.
Tail of black dog keeps good time.
Pounce! good dog!
good dog!

The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule

In deep sleep hear sound
Cat vomit hairball somewhere.
Will find in

Grace personified
I leap into the window
I meant to do that!

Blur of motion, then-
Silence, me, a paper bag
What is so funny?

The mighty hunter
Returns with gifts of plump birds
Your foot just
squashed one.

You’re always typing
Well, let’s see you ignore my
Sitting on your

My small cardboard box
You cannot see me if I
Can just hide my

Terrible battle
I fought for hours. Come and see!
What’s a “term

Kitty likes plastic
Confuses for litter box
Don’t leave tarp

Small brave carnivores
Kill pine cones and mosquitoes
Fear vacuum

Want to trim my claws
Don’t even think about it!
My yelps will wake
the dead!!

I want to be close
To you. Can I fit my head
inside your armpit?

Wanna go outside.
Oh, no! Help! I got outside!
Let me back

Oh no! Big One
has been trapped by newspaper.
Cat to the rescue!

Humans are so strange.
Mine lies still in the bed, then screams!
claws aren’t that sharp….!

Cats meow out of angst
“Thumbs! If only we had thumbs!
We could break
so much!”

Litter box not there
You must have moved it again
I’ll crap in the

The Big Ones snore now
Every room is dark and cold
Time for “Cup

We’re almost equals
I purr to show I love you
Want to smell my

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

You can tell that Christmas is close when the shopping centres are invaded by seething masses of humanity and the roads become clogged with at least four times as many cars as normal.  What I want to know is, where do they all come from???  Does every family have a few clones of themselves tucked away that they let loose at Christmas and Easter perhaps?  But the good news is that down here in Tasmania there are less clones than there are in the other capital cities.  And the other good news is that my shopping is done.  All that is left now is a mystery trip to see the doctor tomorrow (it's a mystery cos I don't know why she wants to see me).  But seeing as I'm feeling good, it can't be too serious...maybe she just wants to wish me a Merry Christmas!   And then tomorrow evening will be all the excitement of seeing if Qantas will actually deliver Rhyll to Hobart...or will all the computers go down and strand her in Timbuctoo.  Already they have cancelled her flights and rescheduled her on a later flight, so we shall just sit tight and see what happens.  It's good to have a little excitement in one's life!

I took a few piccies today to show you that the doggies and I are both getting into the festive spirit.  I bought the dogs a new Christmas toy which they have really taken to, especially Molly.  Though later in the day Ebony figured out a way of stealing it from her and hiding it.


Last Saturday my friends and I met up for breakfast at an eatery at Salamanca Place where we all exchanged gifts and ate wonderful food and just had ourselves a glorious time.  Barb made me this gorgeous table runner.  During the year she has been hand quilting a beautiful quilt made from these fabrics and I always commented on how much I loved the colour combination.  So the dear girl got busy and made this runner for me so I can see the lovely fabric combination every day.  In light of the fact that Miss Ebony still chews on everything she can reach, I've put the runner on top of the doggy enclosure rather than on the coffee table where I just know it would be destroyed.

Michelle gave me a beautiful bead for my Pandora bracelet...it is a starfish with a teensy fish on it...just gorgeous.

Everybody knows I love bunnies...and Angie gave me a fabulous bunny doll that she found at the Penguin Markets.  She now sits atop my thread drawer in the guest bedroom/computer/sewing room...again in a position where puppy teeth can't reach her.

And Sally gave me a lovely stitchery and choccies...she knows the way to this girls heart.

So the cards and gifts have been arriving and I thought I would show you my little Christmas corner in the house.  I never go overboard with decorations because I detest putting them up and even worse, pulling them down.  But this much I can manage.

How's this for a funky front door Christmas wreath

Hmmm...all the little shiny metallic discs don't show up too well.  Not to worry, you'll just have to take my word for it, that it jumps right out at you and refuses to be ignored.

And last, but not least, you just know it really is Christmas when at least one electrical appliance breaks down.  And this afternoon as I was all set to vacuum up Ebonies latest mess created by much crunching up of sticks etc that she dragged inside.....the vacuum died.  But looking on the bright side, that was much better than the Christmas that the refrigerator died on Christmas eve, in hot muggy Brisbane and I was a few days off giving birth to Rhyll.  We just debunked and landed on Mum's doorstep where we stayed until we had refrigeration again.

To all who are reading my blog I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a really happy and healthy year in 2009.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's All Good!

Today I had to go to the doctor for my three monthly diabetes checkup.  Now I'm only very mildly diabetic, and she is aiming that I keep it that way, or even improve things so that my insulin is acting normally.  How is this possible?  By losing weight...lots of it.   That's the bad news.  But the good news is that I am finally complying, after being in denial about it for a year.  The kilos are coming down nicely, and when she measured my waistline, I discovered I'd lost 9cm from my waist.  Dr Katie was ecstatic about that and made me feel like the most brilliant person in the world.  What a doc hey! I also have to start walking up hills to get a bit more of an aerobic workout which doesn't seem like much fun to me, but I'll see what I can do.  The dogs will love it, that's for sure.

The other reason for this post today is that Elly has requested that I post in larger script so that she can read it.  I totally resonate with that Elly, and I'm hopeful that I can get it right this time.

Yes!!!!  Is there nothing this girl can't do today!!!  lol

Monday, December 8, 2008

What Was I Thinking!

Recently I decided that I would like to hand quilt my Shabby Jane and do it Quilt As You Go.  This is somewhat a departure from the norm from me, as I always say 'Life is too short for handquilting'.  However, carried away by a heady rush, and encouragement received from the lovely ladies from the American Dear Jane group that I joined, I hand basted the first two rows of my blocks and settled down to start the quilting.  Well!!!!!!  What with only ever having done a very small amount of handquilting in my life, plus all those seams in most of each block, my stitches looked more like tacking stitches than quilting stitches.  And the harder I tried, and no matter which way I held my tongue, my stitching was deplorable.  I knew I could never love my Shabby Jane if she was quilted like this.  So after a little thought, and realising I was only dreaming if I thought I would hand quilt her, I removed all the stitching, folded her up and carefully put her back in her box.  It was a nice dream while it lasted, but I know I'll be much happier to pay a professional quilter to do the job for me.  There are several in Australia who have quilted Dear Jane quilts, so I know she'll be in safe hands.

So what did I achieve last week?  Bugger all really!  But I did get the curtains finished for the front bedroom which is where I keep my stash, cut, make decisions and spend endless time on the computer.  I wanted a fabric that would not dominate the room, and would allow in plenty of light when partially open.  So I chose this quilt backing and used a thermal backing, and I'm very happy with the result.

While I was in Spotlight buying the termal backing I went snooping around to see if they had anything I liked for my bedroom.  And I found a really gorgeous fabric, a nice slubby linen look fabric and very wide with a pale aqual background and big shabby roses on it.  Perfect!  And only $5 per metre...even more perfect!!   So that will be my next job but it can wait until after Christmas now.

I'm pleased to report that there have been no further cases of destruction of quilts or furniture lately.  I'm not sure if Miss Ebony has learned that it doesn't please me, or if I'm getting very adept at just not giving her the chance.  The destruction only happened when I was away from the house, so now I either put the dogs outside with something good to chew on, or put them into their crate...again with something good to chew on.