Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's been a while.....

But now that winter seems to have returned to us, I have more time inside to play on the computer.  Summer only lasted a few days and now we are back to snow on the mountain again.  I wonder will we have a white Christmas...what a novelty that would be!

My son Mark taught me how to make the printer larger and how to select the colours I want on this blog.  I was managing to do it all by myself, until they gave us the 'new improved' version of Typepad.  So now one has to type it all out, and then highlight, and then select font size and colour.......only a male could have designed that!

This past week I took Ebony to be was her first time.  I stayed to help the groomer as we suspected Ebony wasn't going to take this lying down....boy were we right about that!   Anyway, after 90 minutes the groomer had most of her cut short, but no way was Miss E going to allow her face to be groomed.  So she now appears to have a tiny body and a rather large head.   The main purpose of the grooming session was to keep her cool rather than for vanity purposes, and that was certainly achieved.  Last time it stopped raining long enough, we went for a walk and she trotted along happily for the entire distance.  I didn't need to pick her up once cos she was too hot....yayy!

I had my birthday recently, and among the gifts given to me (by my older daughter who shall remain nameless) were these little magnetic pigs....very cute.  But do you think she was trying to tell me something????
Well I think it must have seeped into my subconscious, cos I am now on my good diet and shrinking in size by the second (or so I like to think).  I'm allowing myself to enjoy Christmas Day, but other than that, I'll be a good girl until my measurements are down to a healthy level.

Will you look at what has happened to one of my latest quilts!  I just couldn't believe my eyes, though I have noticed a few holes happening in other quilts on my bed...but nothing like this one!   It does appear that there is a shark living at my house doesn't it!  But I don't, the author of this handy work is Miss Ebony herself!  She's a shocker...chews at anything, especially if I go out, or am talking on a phone.   I sure hope she grows out of this one fast.  Maybe I should have got the groomer to remove her little fangs as well.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

A rose by any other name...

Is still a rose.  And isn't this a beauty!  It is one of the new ones I planted during winter and I'm not sure of its name.  And seeing as there is a galeforce wind blowing, I'm not about to go outside to check the label.  I picked it so that it wouldn't be blown apart by the wind


Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm famous!

Or so I've been  This morning while I was walking Molly and Ebony down along the beachfront at Blackmans Bay, a lady walked towards me with her gorgeous golden retriever.  As we drew alongside each other, she said to me 'Are you the lady who went into the shop to buy cat food and came out with a puppy?"

I laughed and said, yes I was the very person.

She went on to tell me I was famous around these parts and how all the regular doggy walkers had all spoken about me. 
And she thought it was such a great thing to be well known for.

I'm just amazed.   Imagine if I'd really given them something juicy to talk about!


It's been quite a while since I've posted to my blog, as my son upgraded my computer and it has taken a while to get around to working out how to get everything working.  Not that he is a slacker, he has just either been interstate, or busy.  And as we all know, when it comes to computers, I'm just plain useless....but then I figure I gave birth to a geek for a good reason.

Andrea sent me a couple of photos of her female Chinese Crested, Sooty.  There was a big event being held at her local pet store and Andrea dressed Sooty up in the coat I made for Sooty to wear to Andrea's wedding to Joel a few years ago.  Sooty certainly thinks she is aTn princess when wearing her finery Tn  (actually she thinks she is a princess all the time).

And having this guy crooning in her ear didn't exactly deflate her ego any either!  What a gal!

Gosh I have so many things to write about.  This next photo was taken at Richmond at the Christmas Fair that I went to with Michelle (L) and Angie (R).  We had such a lovely day, and although I said I wasn't going to spend any money, I found out that I had been kidding myself.  But most purchases were inexpensive bargains, plus a couple of Christmas gifts which had to be bought anyway.

Now I could proclaim that Angie and Michelle were making right royal pigs of themselves here, but for the fact that I was taking the photo with one hand while I held a dripping icecream in the other.  There is a fabulous ice cream shop in Richmond...not to be  missed.

Then there are a few more photos of the beautiful old buildings in Richmond which are kept in pristine condition.