Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My goodness!

You've not experienced wind until you visit Tasmania in spring.  I was at the shopping centre this morning and was close to being lifted off my feet.  That is some mean feat considering it would normally take a crane or a large aircraft to do that.  As I sit here I hope that my roof stays on the house.

I've just taken photographs of a couple of the pieces I'm presently working on.  The first is a few of the stitchery elements of My Favourite Things by Kerry Gillespie.  This is such a cute quilt with the background fabrics sitting on point.  You'll see what I mean as I get further into it and show you more.
Actually, I've just thought of the word my brain was searching for when I wrote 'on point'.  I meant 'diagonally'.  Oldtimers is catching up fast.

And next is a couple of the little blocks, four of which comprise the first whole block.  This quilt is called Bunnies Playground by Elizabeth Camping and I've loved it ever since I saw it a year or two ago. Gotta love anything with Bunnies in it.
I'm going stitching with the girls tonight and hope to complete another block in this little group while I'm there. We will be celebrating my daughter in law's birthday tonight, so it should be another excellent evening.  I find my fortnightly sewing group is such great food for the soul...may it never end.

My son took Sally and I out to dinner last night (aren't I the spoilt Ma in law).  We went to a favourite beachside restaurant, and due to daylight saving, got to look out over the beach and waters of the mouth of the Derwent while chowing down on some truly delicious food.

Now it's time for me to prepare my little embroidery block for stitching tonight.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Been a While

It's not as though life hasn't been happening and that I haven't done at least a tiny bit of sewing, but when one of my babies isn't well I just climb into my shell and quite obviously don't feel like communicating.  So this is the reason for my absence

000_0001 Ebony paid a visit to the vet to be speyed but all didn't go to plan.  Apparently her body was allergic to the internal sutures and the poor little thing was in a great deal of pain, and then a lot of internal scarring took place.  But the good thing is that she is now well and happy, and after liberal applications of pawpaw ointment, I can feel that a lot of the scar tissue has at least softened.  So she is back to being a holy terror, and I can get back to enjoying watching my girls plalying.  I only left that head collar on her for a couple of days as she had so much pain to deal with that I figures she didn't need the annoyance of that as well.

Tomorrow I'll show you the little bit of stitching I've been doing.  I seem to have reverted to doing my favourite little quilts that have a bit of piecing, applique and stitchery in them.  Just perfect for the person with the mind of a grasshopper.