Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo catchup time

This photo is for all the girls who think Mark is a figment of Sally's imagination because he's never around when they come to stitch.  It was Mark's 40th birthday and Sally took this photo just to show that he is real.  I've no idea who the old bag sitting next to him is though, but she appears desperately to need to spend a few weeks at a rejuvenation clinic (or wear a bag over her head).

The next few photos were taken at The Christmas Gathering last weekend.
Here we see Anni Downs talking with two visitors who came from Sydney to join in the fun on the day. Apparently they are regulars at Anni's shop in Bathurst, and Anni was delighted to see they had travelled down to Tasmania to see her again. Perhaps they are patchwork groupies?
This is Natalie Bird from Thread and Ginger at Victoria Point in Queensland.  Natalie is such a sweetie, and she was telling me she is about to leave for Norway (or one of those cold places) as she has been invited to teach up there.  I enquired as to how they knew about her, and she said that they are avid readers of Homespun and Quilters Companion up there.  So I guess they know lots about the Australian designers.
These designs will be on sale in about a month's time and I just can't wait!  I first saw them on Anni's blog a few weeks ago and fell in love with them.  Though I must say, I don't think there is a design that Anni has done that I don't just love.
Natalie's designs are gorgeous too, but the ones I saw were aimed towards little girls and I don't have any of them in my life just at the moment.
This is Anni's latest Block of the Month.  I'm just itching to do it as I love it, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm already busy with BOM's. Maybe I can do it at a later date, or maybe it will fade from my memory (only take a few hours to fade things these days).  The girls sitting in front of the BOM are from the left, Di, Michelle and Angela. Three of the loveliest girls that I get to play with on a regular basis. (In the nicest possible way of course).
So there you have a quick peek at my weekend.  This week has been very busy also, but I'll leave that for a bit later.


  1. The photos have been well worth the wait! I had a very different picture of your son in my mind!

  2. I thought you looked very fetching, no need for a bag over yer head!