Saturday, September 13, 2008

One of Those Days

I'm sure everybody has them...Those Days...but do they have them over such trivial matters?  Come to think about it...they probably do.

When I woke up this morning I decided it was time to make a new quilt.  My mind immediately went to a gorgeous set of patterns I bought at The Quilted Crow's Autumn Gathering, called Life's Pleasures & Treasures by Kerry Gillespie   It has all my favourite things, pretty colours, bunnies, pears, flowers, applique, other words it's my idea of heaven.  And I already have all my fabrics gathered together to make the quilt.

But then  as I went to put fresh sheets on my bed I decided to change to lighter weight quilts and decided I needed a new utility quilt.  And I have just the very fabric!!  Actually I have the very fabric to make 20 new utility quilts...but let's not go there.  And I do know which pattern I want to use..that's a huge bonus as I've been known to sascillate for weeks over pattern choice.

Now I could start both of these projects simultaneously, but I'm already working on at least four other large projects at the moment and I don't want to feel weighed down by WIP's.  So, I have to make a decision which is no easy thing for a dyed in the wool Libran.  As soon as my mind settles on one project, it starts reeling back to the other.  What to do!!!!

Think I'll just go and have a cuppa and mull it over a little longer.  Though  Life's Pleasures & Treasures is looking pretty appealing to me at this moment!

It's a really good day to be staying indoors.  The weather is very warm for Hobart at this time of year, but there is a roaring gale blowing....I swear half my garden has flown over to South America by now.

The cat is totally unimpressed that I haven't yet made the wind stop, and Molly and Ebony are impatiently waiting for their walk (which isn't going to happen).


  1. Decisions, Decisions!How difficult it is when so many things keep calling your name! What have you decided to do?

  2. 'sascillate' is that a word? Or are you making up words when it's windy these days?

  3. Oh dear...and I thought I checked my typing...I meant vacillate...but you knew that!