Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo catchup time

This photo is for all the girls who think Mark is a figment of Sally's imagination because he's never around when they come to stitch.  It was Mark's 40th birthday and Sally took this photo just to show that he is real.  I've no idea who the old bag sitting next to him is though, but she appears desperately to need to spend a few weeks at a rejuvenation clinic (or wear a bag over her head).

The next few photos were taken at The Christmas Gathering last weekend.
Here we see Anni Downs talking with two visitors who came from Sydney to join in the fun on the day. Apparently they are regulars at Anni's shop in Bathurst, and Anni was delighted to see they had travelled down to Tasmania to see her again. Perhaps they are patchwork groupies?
This is Natalie Bird from Thread and Ginger at Victoria Point in Queensland.  Natalie is such a sweetie, and she was telling me she is about to leave for Norway (or one of those cold places) as she has been invited to teach up there.  I enquired as to how they knew about her, and she said that they are avid readers of Homespun and Quilters Companion up there.  So I guess they know lots about the Australian designers.
These designs will be on sale in about a month's time and I just can't wait!  I first saw them on Anni's blog a few weeks ago and fell in love with them.  Though I must say, I don't think there is a design that Anni has done that I don't just love.
Natalie's designs are gorgeous too, but the ones I saw were aimed towards little girls and I don't have any of them in my life just at the moment.
This is Anni's latest Block of the Month.  I'm just itching to do it as I love it, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm already busy with BOM's. Maybe I can do it at a later date, or maybe it will fade from my memory (only take a few hours to fade things these days).  The girls sitting in front of the BOM are from the left, Di, Michelle and Angela. Three of the loveliest girls that I get to play with on a regular basis. (In the nicest possible way of course).
So there you have a quick peek at my weekend.  This week has been very busy also, but I'll leave that for a bit later.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

It's not every day that your firstborn turns the big four 0.  But my son Mark just did that on Friday and we went out to dinner to celebrate.  Actually, I'm still mystified as to how I can actually have a child who is 40, cos I'm just not nearly old enough for that.  I've put it down to that big machine thingy they've been running in Europe...the Collider I think they call it.  With all that smashing of atoms they've managed to create a time warp...and that's how such a young thing as moi can have such an old son.  That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

I was very sneaky and took along my camera to take a photo.  I thought I could post it on my blog and prove to all those girls who think Mark is a figment of my and Sally's imaginations, that he really does exist. is not meant to be.  Not yet.  Cos stupid typepad won't upload my photo!!!!  Grrrr.

BTW...Sally is Mark's wife and my daughter in law.  And let me tell you, this girl is getting pretty darned fabulous in the patchworking department.  For her first quilt, she makes that absolutely amazing hexagon quilt.  Thousands of tiny little pieces all completely handsewn in beautiful blues and brown.  Stunning.  Then Sally decides she will make another hexagon quilt in even smaller hexagons.  But half way through this masterpiece she has been struck down with an inflamed thumb joint and can't grasp those little hexagons at the moment.   So has Sally's patchworking experience come to a grinding halt????  No way!  This girl has gone crazy with the machine piecing.  She turns out quilts faster than the speed of light and her designs are awe inspiring.  I think she needs to write a book. I'd love to show you photos but I can't get photos onto my blog tonight for some reason.

Yesterday we spent the day at the Christmas Gathering put on by The Quilted Crow at a lovely old hall at Campania.  Our guest tutors for the day were Natalie Bird and Annie Downs...what and lovely and talented pair they were.  We all had a wonderful day and came home tired but inspired.  Annie has a new book about to be released in about a month and I just can't wait to get my little hands on that gem.  I took some more great photos at the Gathering and will upload them when I can.

It is blowing an absolute gale here south of Hobart at the moment and I hope my roof manages to stay on overnight.  I was delighted to look out the window this morning to see that there had been a fresh layer of snow deposited on Mt Wellington pretty.  Despite the wind and the snow, the weather is definitely warming up these past couple of weeks.  And that's just as well, as I'm taking Molly the Labradoodle to be shorn tomorrow.  Or should I be groomed.  But I always ask to have as much hair taken off her as possible as she gets so hot and her hair grows at the rate of knots.    And then the next thing I need to do doggywise, will be to take Miss Ebony to the vets to have her speyed.  Oh dear, I shall be a nervous wreck that day.  But it needs to be done, and she is such a cool customer she probably won't turn a hair. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One of Those Days

I'm sure everybody has them...Those Days...but do they have them over such trivial matters?  Come to think about it...they probably do.

When I woke up this morning I decided it was time to make a new quilt.  My mind immediately went to a gorgeous set of patterns I bought at The Quilted Crow's Autumn Gathering, called Life's Pleasures & Treasures by Kerry Gillespie   It has all my favourite things, pretty colours, bunnies, pears, flowers, applique, other words it's my idea of heaven.  And I already have all my fabrics gathered together to make the quilt.

But then  as I went to put fresh sheets on my bed I decided to change to lighter weight quilts and decided I needed a new utility quilt.  And I have just the very fabric!!  Actually I have the very fabric to make 20 new utility quilts...but let's not go there.  And I do know which pattern I want to use..that's a huge bonus as I've been known to sascillate for weeks over pattern choice.

Now I could start both of these projects simultaneously, but I'm already working on at least four other large projects at the moment and I don't want to feel weighed down by WIP's.  So, I have to make a decision which is no easy thing for a dyed in the wool Libran.  As soon as my mind settles on one project, it starts reeling back to the other.  What to do!!!!

Think I'll just go and have a cuppa and mull it over a little longer.  Though  Life's Pleasures & Treasures is looking pretty appealing to me at this moment!

It's a really good day to be staying indoors.  The weather is very warm for Hobart at this time of year, but there is a roaring gale blowing....I swear half my garden has flown over to South America by now.

The cat is totally unimpressed that I haven't yet made the wind stop, and Molly and Ebony are impatiently waiting for their walk (which isn't going to happen).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Swimming For The Animals

No, it's not me that is swimming for the animals, I think I would drown in the bath if I didn't wear a life preserver.  It is my daughter Rhyll who is going to swim across Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra to raise funds for the animals.

On October 10, my daughter Rhyll will be taking on Lake Burley Griffin's legendary flesh eating bacteria, mutant carp and algae cyanotoxins to raise money for World Animal Week.

Rhyll will be swimming (without a wetsuit!) across the lake in 10 degree waters to raise sponsorship money for the World Society for Protection of Animals.

She'll be swimming from the West Basin jetty across to the National Museum, about a distance of one kilometer.

You can sponsor Rhyll per bacteria consumed or for every limb lost to an eel, or you can donate to

If you donate to WSPA could you please let me know so that Rhyll can keep a tally of funds raised by her heroic effort, or you can donate directly to me and I will forward on to her.

I think Rhyll is being very brave and I am being a brave little soldier myself in trying to banish all the natural motherly protective thoughts that pass through my mind from time to time.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Works in Progress

It looks as though I have to make do with black print today, due to the new 'improvements' on typepad.  They haven't given me any colours to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have four large works in progress at the moment, as well as far too many smaller projects.  But today I am going to show you the four blocks I have completed of  Autumn Pathways.  Ohhh look! Somebody must have been listening when I grizzled about having no colours to play with...spooky!

Anyway, these are the blocks I have completed, and I'm now working on one of the border blocks which is just delish!


And another rather large project that I'm working on is Shabby Jane.  This is about the fourth time I've started a Dear Jane and have never managed to continue for very long.  However, this time I'm loving working in the shabby chic colours...using whichever colours that appeal to me on the day.  I've joined together the first two rows and am now well into the third row.  So this time I think I'm going to complete the project.  Though I have no intention of doing the triangle blocks on the sides.  I think an applique border will suit my Shabby Jane much better.  I had to take two photos to fit the rows in as they are so long.



Monday, September 1, 2008

Autumn Pathways

It's high time I started showing you some of the quilting projects I'm currently working on.  And I thought I would begin with a very enjoyable felted wool project that I'm doing through The Quilted Crow. Deirdre Bond-Abel has designed this as a Block of the Month and I have now completed the four inner squares.  000_0001

Deirdre hand dyes the wool used for the applique pieces, and these are sewn onto brushed cotton.  The effect is stunning.

I think I'm about the receive one of the borders for Month 5, and I can hardly wait!  The wool is beautiful to work with.