Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Say Hi to the gang

Gosh!  How difficult can it be to think of a name for your blog!  Anyway, seeing as my girls are pretty important in my life, I thought I would begin by introducing them to you.  For the past 15 years I've called myself a quilter, but I do have to say that the girls have really eaten into my quilting time...but I'm not complaining.

When I speak about my girls, I'm speaking about my furry children.  Molly is a 13 month old Labradoodle who does just about anything she can to get me moulded into the person she thinks I ought to be.  If she had her way I would allow her to sit on any chair in the house, I would vacate my bed for her.  There would be endless tasty morsels to eat, and we would go for endless walks on the beach.  I'm slowly convincing her that none of this is going to happen, but it is a case of 3 steps forward and 2 backward.000_0006_00

Probably in Molly's perfect world there would be more cats in the household to chase.  Unfortunately for the one resident cat (named Chanel by a previous owner) there will only ever be the one cat in this house and she will just have to toughen up and show Molly who is the boss.000_0002

Both Molly and Chanel moved with me from Canberra to Hobart where we have happily set up home.

And Baby is the brand new addition to the household.  She comes in the form of a black Shitzu/Maltese which I have named Ebony because obviously, she is all black!  Apart from a tiny wee patch of white on her chin...just a few hairs really.  My lack of originality in naming my pets astounds even me sometimes.   Ebony is absolutely divine, and there is no way I could resist buying her.  She was all of 1.5kg when I first saw her, but with the personality of a Great Dane...huge!!!  She is as smart as a whip, and she certainly is able to lead Molly a very merry dance when she feels like it.  Though I do give Molly great credit, in that she is so unbelievably gentle with Ebony even when they are playing rough.000_0006 000_0007

And now, this almost completely computer illiterate is going to call it a day.  Time to investigate what Typepad is all about and what I can do with it.


  1. My, what hairy babies you have!

  2. What a clever friend you are!!!!! Anything I can do to help please just ask! Always happy to be of service.
    Julie xxxx