Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh Darn it!

Wouldn't you know it, no matter how long I take to check my typing, it isn't until after posting that I see that I've boobooed in the Title.  Of course it is meant to read 'More news of the doggy variety'...but then you probably already guessed that.


  1. Looks perfect to me! But then again I'm not one of your smartest friends!!!!!

  2. Hey, you are a GREAT blogger because your writing style is witty and interesting AND you can spell (typos don't count as being illiterate). If you need to make yourself feel better, just go look at some of the incoherent, bland blogs on Blogger or Facebook. Then you'll feel like a genius, missy!
    Good work on the training, do you think it will work with my boss?