Thursday, August 21, 2008

More new of the doggy variety

I'm starting to sound like a crazy old lady who lives for her dogs.  Oh well, I'm sure there are worse things.....

Last night I took Ebony to her first night at Puppy Preschool and it was all so darned cute!  There was a cream labradoodle named Abby, a brown Labradoodle named Barney, a Schnauser named Angus (A Scottish name for a German dog???)  Oh well, I guess you can call them anything so long as they answer to it.   And then there was Ebony.  Ebony gets the gold medal for 'cute'.   The Labradoodle owners had the same problems with theirs as I'm still having with Miss Molly (they seem to be born with springs in their legs).  But the night was quite successful, with Ebony learning to sit.  Teaching a dog who is only 2 inches from the ground to lie down is pretty well impossible, so we gave up on that one.

But I did get to thinking that I could use food to entice Molly not to act like a crazy dog when we are out walking and meet with another dog or person. So off we went this brilliant sunny morning, Miss Molly, Ebony and Me.  As soon as we got out of the car a dog appeared.  A big one.  Molly started jumpin g up and down and generally acting like a pork chop...and barking too, which is unusual for her.  Then Ebony started barking.  My heart sank.  Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.  I wasn't able to distract Molly with treats at all.

So off we went, and as we apprached people or dogs, I eventually got Molly to sit and eat her treats.  By the end of the walk she was keeping her eyes on me rather than worrying about other dogs and people and there was no more jumping up and down and whining.  Ebony always behaves herself, but she got treats too.  The whole exercise used about half a packet of liver treats, but if that is what it takes to teach a new habit, then so be it.  I wonder will all of today's effort be forgotten by tomorrow.

At Puppy Class I also learned about putting food into a Kong for longlasting peace and quiet.  So I decided I just had to give that a go!  Putting kibble into a kong only lasted about 2 minutes, but putting peanut butter into a kong lasts and lasts.  The dogs love it, and I love it too.

I took these photos of the girls today while Ebony was licking at her kong.  Molly was just sitting around looking gorgeous.  I'm hoping I will be able to make the photos larger today than the last effort.  Here goes.

000_0002 000_0003

AhHa!   Success!   Not bad for a crazy dog lady hey!  Now if I can just manage to do one new thing each day, as well as remember what I did last time, I'll soon be blogging along with the best of them!

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  1. How clever are you? Not only can you train 'pretty' puppies, but you can 'blog' too!